The Truth About Tornadoes

tornado on horizon over plains

When you think of tornadoes, your mind might automatically picture Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz experiencing a devastating storm in rural Kansas. However, tornadoes vary in location as much as they do in size and intensity.

Significant Severe Weather Strikes the US

Just about every type of weather happened somewhere in the US over the past weekend. Heavy rains, tornadoes, blizzards, flooding, and even a typhoon near Guam caused, and continue to cause automobile accidents, flooded land, destroyed homes, and three fatalities. At 520 PM CST, a confirmed large and extremely dangerous #tornado was located over Columbus, moving

Landspouts and Waterspouts are Tornadoes, Too

  Tornadoes can be classified in many different ways. Some of the methods include whether or not they develop from a supercell and whether they develop over land or water. For a feature to be classified as a tornado, it must be a rotating column of air attached to a cloud and in contact with

Extreme Weather: Preparing for the Unpredictable

Severe weather is inevitable, and research shows it is occurring more frequently than in the past. While extreme weather is nothing new, its impact on individuals, businesses and government agencies are real – especially with an uptick in the occurrence of extreme rain and flooding. Furthermore, these patterns have led to increased weather-related losses over

What Do Those New Storm Attributes Mean?

If you have downloaded the most recent version of the RadarScope mobile app, you probably noticed new storm attributes are available. If you are wondering what they mean, you’ve come to the right place! RadarScope 3.3 added storm attributes to the list of data that you can now display. When you turn on storm tracks,

The Difference Between Downburst and Tornado Damage

Damage is one of the unfortunate outcomes of storms. In some cases, it is not always obvious whether or not a downburst or a tornado occured. In other cases, damage patterns make it quite clear as to what event caused the destruction. Air flow converges into a tornado, therefore debris points inward along the path. Debris patterns associated with a tornado