The Difference Between Bull & Bear Spreads in Commodities

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Becoming proficient in measuring and managing financial risks in trading is essential for success in your investments. Learning different terms and market indications is also essential. Take a look at one of them here, bull and bear spreads: what they mean and indicate about the market.

DTN Receives Presidential Award for Exports

Jim Block accepts E Star award from Don Graves

*Update 11/15/2021: Due to the pandemic, the President’s “E” Award was recently presented to both 2020 and 2021 winners. Jim Block, Director of Business Development at DTN (left) accepted the President’s “E” Star Award for Export Service from Don Graves, Deputy Secretary of Commerce (right), in Washington D.C. U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross notified

Can You Make Money Trading Agricultural Commodities?

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Are you interested in agricultural commodity trading? The agriculture commodities market presents a huge money-making opportunity. Although it is notoriously difficult to break into, you can find great success with the correct tools, timing, and expertise. By using real-time commodity charts, you can increase your odds of success.

Why You Should Start Thinking About Investing In Commodities

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You don’t have to farm to enjoy the riches of a good harvest. Investing in agricultural commodities allows you to benefit from the bounty of a plentiful season without doing all the labor yourself. There are several options for diversifying your portfolio to include agricultural commodities. Several commodity trading apps can help you with your portfolio research.

Commodity Trading: What It Is & How To Get Started

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What is commodity trading? How do you start commodity trading? How can you find and use reliable data analytics to help you make the best of your trading? This article will explore all of these topics. To start with, though, let’s look at what exactly we mean by “commodities.”

Learning to Measure and Manage Financial Risks in Trading

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Every industry has to learn to manage financial risks. There is no truly immune sector when it comes to protecting profits and minimizing liabilities. But in the stock market, especially, risk management is vital in every transaction.

What Are Market Breadth Indicators?

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When it comes to tackling the stock market, market breadth indicators should be your new best friend. When used correctly, these numbers can offer valuable insights into potential market movements, allowing you as a trader to remain one step ahead of your competition.

Use Real-Time Ticker Data for Grain Stocks Commodity Trading

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When you are wading through all the data involved in making smart trades, timing is critical. Working with obsolete data will likely bring disastrous results. It’s imperative that you use real-time ticker data for your grain stocks trading.