Can You Make Money Trading Agricultural Commodities?

Are you interested in agricultural commodity trading? The agriculture commodities market presents a huge money-making opportunity. Although it is notoriously difficult to break into, you can find great success with the correct tools, timing, and expertise. By using real-time commodity charts, you can increase your odds of success.

You can trust DTN ProphetX to help you succeed in the commodities market. DTN ProphetX provides a robust data management system with exceptional reliability and intelligent analytics. Designed with success in mind, DTN ProphetX is a tremendous value for commodities traders. Real-time data and high-level analysis keep you in-the-know and ahead of your competition.


You’ll Need The Right Tools For Success

DTN ProphetX is a multi-language trading application. With DTN ProphetX, you can find all of the necessary information to make intelligent and profitable trades. You can trust DTN ProphetX to provide real-time commodity charts and worldwide trade data.


Conduct Business No Matter Where You Are

DTN ProphetX app allows you to conduct your business from anywhere. Unlike traditional commodities trading, you can now find real-time data and expert meteorological analysis in the palm of your hand.


DTN ProphetX Makes Commodities Trading Accessible

Traditional commodities trading is done through a network of websites or exchanges. It can be challenging to find reputable markets. DTN ProphetX provides access to over 125,000 symbols for over 50 commodities from crucial trading partners worldwide to make your trading experience easy.

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Timing Is (Almost) Everything When Trading Commodities

DTN ProphetX provides exclusive real-time data and expert meteorological analysis to help you make the best trades at the right time. You can use the futures market and expert analysis to “hedge” against unknown commodity cost changes with confidence.


The Future Is Bright For Commodities Traders

A considerable rise in commodity prices has been predicted by many. This rise is due to the simple rule of supply and demand. As our world population increases, commodities production needs to increase to meet those demands. An inevitable supply shortage could quite possibly cause sharp price increases for the goods we use every day. 


Plan For Price Fluctuations With Analytics

In the current market, prices to move goods around the world by sea are hitting record highs. As consumers’ daily lives change, experts can predict fluctuations in the commodities market. You can track these patterns with real-time commodity charts from DTN ProphetX.


Track Global Demand Patterns And Analyze Effects On Commodity Price Changes

As reported by a recent Wall Street Journal article, there is currently a global shortage of 40-foot steel shipping containers. There are not enough shipping containers to meet the heightened demand for commodities across the globe. This mismatch of supply and demand has resulted in a vast commodities price increase as demand is soaring to record highs. 

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Market Expertise Will Increase Your Odds For Success

It would be best if you stayed on the nose of what is happening in the world. Efficiently tracking these changes all in one place will help guide smart trading decisions. 


Predict The Unpredictable With Sophisticated Data Measurement And Real-Time Commodity Charts

Commodities prices are extremely sensitive and regarded among the most volatile of any market. Unexpected events such as strikes, harsh weather, terrorist attacks, and natural disasters create unpredictable market conditions. DTN ProphetX is built to help you foresee market changes and make smart trading decisions.


Use These Points Of Data

Exclusive Market Information
You’ll have access to unique and comprehensive market information. This information will help you make educated trading decisions.

Proprietary Data
DTN ProphetX compiles information and creates insightful data to help guide your trades. 

Sophisticated Charting
Custom charting tools allow you to create well-organized spreadsheets with live market data. Real-time commodity charts and market monitoring lead to success in the commodities trading industry.

Top-Name Content Sources
Trustworthy data sources are referenced continuously so that you can stay on top of the news and make educated assessments of the rapidly changing commodities climate. 

State-of-the-Art Weather Modeling
Just as a rainy day can ruin your picnic, weather can also significantly affect the commodities market. DTN ProphetX references the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecast (ECMWF) and Global Forecast System (GFS) to follow and predict exact global weather changes.

Deep USDA Data
Understanding current data from market influencers will help you make purchasing decisions. DTN partners with the United States Department of Agriculture to help you evaluate market trends, understand insightful data, and monitor market conditions. 


Time Is Money.

All of these resources are available in one place. Don’t waste your precious time searching for data and monitoring patterns on multiple platforms. DTN ProphetX will save you time with a comprehensive data-driven platform and real-time commodity charts.

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Remember The Three Keys To Successfully Trading Agricultural Commodities



A successful trader needs an efficient and user-friendly platform for desktop and mobile trading. DTN ProphetX provides the tools that you’ll need to make money trading agricultural commodities.


Real-Time Commodity Charts

Commodities are highly volatile and require close observation. DTN ProphetX provides around-the-clock monitoring and data reporting to ensure that you stay in the loop on even minor global market changes. By closely monitoring real-time commodity charts, you can get your trades in at precisely the right moment.



DTN ProphetX provides expert knowledge to help you make money trading agricultural commodities. Many factors play into the changes that these volatile markets often experience. Use DTN ProphetX to analyze the data, evaluate content from trustworthy sources, and learn exclusive market information to become an expert in the agricultural commodities field. 


Be In Control Of Your Success In The Agricultural Commodities Trade

DTN ProphetX provides exceptional reliability, power, and analytics with its gold-standard data management system. Designed for your success, DTN ProphetX gives you what you need at a tremendous value. Real-time data and high-level analysis keep you ahead of your competitors.