Weather’s Role In Utility Asset Management

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Utility asset management is an undeniable challenge. Not only are most utility assets expensive and challenging to replace, but utility companies also face a great deal of pressure from both customers and regulatory bodies to keep those assets in continual working order. 

The Effect of Ship Motion on Operability

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The ocean is constantly moving, and therefore, so is your ship. That motion can impact your operability, creating work windows wherein your crew can complete specific tasks. That is why it is so essential for you to prepare a Hazard and Operability Study, better known as a HAZOP analysis.

Weather AI Makes The Case For Human Input

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AI has advanced weather forecasting ranging from more accurate nowcasts to predicting impact. The enhanced data also points to a greater need for risk communicators.

What’s Ahead for Rest of Winter

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While most of the country had a mild start to winter, recent forecasts indicate the possibility for extreme winter weather across portions of the U.S.

Top 4 Benefits of Predictive Analytics for Utilities

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Predictive asset analytics in the utility industry is living proof of the adage: forewarned is forearmed. It has been a hot topic in the industry for some time now, and with good reason: predictive asset analytics provides utilities with unparalleled insights into their equipment and fixtures.