Decarbonization Through Optimization

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Achieving decarbonization requires more than just a sense of environmental responsibility and good intentions. It also calls for clear short-term and long-term decarbonization strategies.

Path To IMO 2050 And The Role Of Actionable Analytics

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For the international shipping sector, the successful path to IMO 2050 will require the revolutionary implementation of new technologies, low-carbon fuels, and other vital measures. This article will consider what IMO 2050 is, some of the different measures shipping companies can use to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from ships, and how data/analytics can reduce GHG emissions fleet-wide for your company.

Understanding & Reducing Actual Carbon Emissions

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Massive ocean-going vessels that rely on diesel fuel, their decks piled high with containers, are the most common method used by shipping industry decision-makers today. However, growing global concern about carbon dioxide emissions has heightened the need and desire to move away from this type of vessel in recent years.