The Rise of Digital Shipping Technologies

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With the global push for shipping emissions reduction, the industry has sharpened its focus on digital technologies. Our new blog explores seven key decarbonization goals and breaks down the two you should concentrate on to advance your digital journey in greater detail.

Decarbonization Through Optimization

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Achieving decarbonization requires more than just a sense of environmental responsibility and good intentions. It also calls for clear short-term and long-term decarbonization strategies.

How Shipping Companies Make Tough Calls with Enriched Vessel Routing Data

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Increasingly, shipping companies must operate in weather conditions on the edge of safety limits, and ship owners and operators are turning to weather-enriched vessel routing data to help make the tough calls with greater confidence. This is especially important for maintaining crew and cargo safety in rapidly changing conditions.

How To Avoid Container Losses

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Considering how many containers are lost at sea, shipping companies and the shipping industry, in general, need practical tools to face this contingency. Data from the World Shipping Council Containers Lost At Sea – 2020 Update shows 1,382 shipping containers, on average, are lost at sea each year.