Which Cities Have the Best Weather?

The weather is moderating across most of the country at this time of year, and many areas are enjoying at least occasional pleasant weather days. So, we decided to take a look at which cities in the country have the most and fewest number of nice weather days per year. Everyone has their own idea

What Do Those New Storm Attributes Mean?

If you have downloaded the most recent version of the RadarScope mobile app, you probably noticed new storm attributes are available. If you are wondering what they mean, you’ve come to the right place! RadarScope 3.3 added storm attributes to the list of data that you can now display. When you turn on storm tracks,

What is the Eastern Pacific Oscillation?

There are a number of atmospheric oscillations that are important drivers of week-to-week weather patterns across North America. The Arctic Oscillation (AO) and the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) often get the most attention, but one of the most important pattern oscillations for North America is the Eastern Pacific Oscillation or EPO. As the name implies,

The Tomb of the Unknowns is Guarded in Many Types of Weather

The Tomb of the Unknowns is guarded in many types of weather. Also known as the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, this national monument is dedicated to unidentified service members who fought for our country. Since 1937, U.S. Army solders have guarded the tomb 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Those guarding the tomb, known as Sentinels,

Hurricane Matthew: By The Numbers

Nasa rendering of Hurricane Matthew

It has been over 10 years since the east coast of the United States has seen a major (category 3 or higher) hurricane hit its shores. Not since Hurricane Wilma in 2005 has a hurricane with such intensity moved ashore in the United States

Dos and Don’ts During Flood Catastrophes

Dos and don’ts during flood catastrophes are secondary to simply remaining calm. Without a clear head, the many dangers introduced by rising waters can cause panic, which can make things worse. Careful observances of the threats before it’s too late may turn future victims into survivors. Dos Dos and don’ts during flood catastrophes are secondary

How Safe are Stadiums When Lightning Strikes

Do you think you are safe from lightning when in a stadium? If you are a college football fan, you probably noticed that the game between the University of Oklahoma and Ohio State University was delayed on Saturday, Sept 17. Media may have shown rain falling, but it was actually a lightning delay that caused the

Earthquakes, Birds and Weather Radar

On September 3, 2016, a 5.8 magnitude earthquake occurred near Pawnee, Oklahoma at about 7:02 a.m.  That morning, I was viewing Doppler weather radar data in my RadarScope® app and saw a rapid increase in the size of the radar echoes near the radar and also the intensity of those echoes, but when I looked