Extreme Weather: Preparing for the Unpredictable

Severe weather is inevitable, and research shows it is occurring more frequently than in the past. While extreme weather is nothing new, its impact on individuals, businesses and government agencies are real – especially with an uptick in the occurrence of extreme rain and flooding. Furthermore, these patterns have led to increased weather-related losses over

Better Turbulence Forecasting for Smoother Rides

Turbulence Forecasting Turbulence forecasting when not backed by years of research can leave aviation-related businesses vulnerable to operational issues. Although “shaking” in the wind may be the end result when businesses lack the most accurate turbulence forecasting, dealing with the repercussions of inadequate turbulence forecasting certainly leaves them abandoned to a bad situation – or

How Does the Temperature Affect Crime Rates?

Does the temperature affect the crime rate? Are more crimes committed when it is hot out and less when it is cold? Let’s look at what the data show. He is steaming mad. She let her temper flare. They are simmering with anger. The team’s frustration is boiling over. Our language matches heat with negative emotions

What Causes Wind?

Perhaps one of the most noticeable aspects of the weather is the wind. It can be a welcome breeze or a hazardous gale, and changes can occur rapidly.  So, what causes the wind? Wind is the result of differences in air pressure. It is produced in an attempt by the atmosphere to equalize pressure over

Adding Credentialed ArcGIS Web Services to ArcGIS Online & Portal

Sometimes in life, you take things you know for granted. You (wrongly) assume that everyone else knows the same things. Maybe your dad was mechanically inclined and taught you how to change your oil. You might think that everyone knows how to change their oil. It’s pretty basic, right? But to some people, the thought