The Sirocco Winds of the Mediterranean Sea

Over the central Mediterranean Sea, the strong south to southeast winds are known locally as Sirocco. These winds can significantly impact outdoor events, offshore operations, passenger ships, and local population centers. A Sirocco develops in response to low pressure moving east across the northern Mediterranean. The onset of this event typically occurs when a surface

Meet a Met: Wade Stettner

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Wade Stettner @wadestettner University of North Dakota – Atmospheric Sciences Meteorologist – Sports & Rec Team Lead Has been with DTN since March 2000 What is your favorite part about being in MetOps? Working with the PGA Tour and LPGA. What is the most challenging part of being in MetOps? Dealing with the local weather

The Power of Weather Symbols

Have you ever seen a weather map and wondered what the symbols on it meant? Surface maps are great tools for getting a quick look at weather conditions. They allow meteorologists to gain a wealth of information about the weather at a glance by viewing the various symbols. The origin of some weather symbols, such

There Are Three Types of Supercells. Can You Name Them?


When thunderstorms develop in a strongly sheared environment, they can begin to spin. If the primary updraft of a storm is rotating, it is known as a supercell. Within this class of thunderstorm, there are three main categories. Let’s observe these supercells using RadarScope data. The most common type of supercell is a classic supercell.

Meet a Met: Joe Sullivan

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Joe Sullivan Iowa State – Meteorology DTN Senior Meteorologist Has been with DTN for 15 ½ years What is your favorite part about being in MetOps? The people I work with! What is the most challenging part of being in MetOps? Forecasting for areas of the world with little to no weather data/observations. What is

Our 2018 Severe Weather Season Forecast

You may have spring fever. You may be ready for grass to turn green and flowers to bloom. But, are you prepared for the threat of severe weather this spring? The Storm Prediction Center (SPC) and the National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL) evaluated the probability of severe weather throughout the year for a 30-year period

How Does Freezing Rain Form?

Winter can bring a wide variety of weather conditions, including various types of precipitation. Freezing rain, for instance, can be especially hazardous and forms in very specific conditions. Different types of winter precipitation (freezing rain, sleet, and snow) form in the same fundamental way. The main difference among these precipitation types lies in the temperature

Meet a Met: Maggie Christopher

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Maggie Christopher @WxWriterMaggie DTN Aviation Meteorologist Valparaiso University – Bachelors in Meteorology Started with DTN for just over 3 years ago What is your favorite part about being in MetOps? Being able to use my degree, but also being an aviation meteorologist, which was my goal since junior year of college. What’s the most challenging