Physical Crude Oil and Products Trading

Understand the U.S. and international physical oil trading business from the perspective of both the trader and the supply analyst.

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At A Glance

Industry Segment Oil
Course Level Introductory to Intermediate
CPE Credits 12
DTN Credits 6
Competency Path Certified Energy Trading Professional, Oil, Trading & Risk Management

What You Will Learn

  • Crude oil and products supply and demand.
  • Crude oil evaluation and selection.
  • Oil refining and products.
  • Discussion of various pricing mechanisms.
  • Physical oil markets and pricing.
  • Operations and logistics.
  • Freight trading.
  • Comparison of physical and financial trading.
  • Arbitrage/spread trading.
  • Refinery trading and supply.
  • Physical outright (long/short) trading.
  • Approach to trading physicals.
  • Simulated trading session.

You will also:

  • Learn about supply and demand for crude oil and products.
  • Understand the principles of crude oil evaluation and selection.
  • Develop your knowledge of oil refining and products.
  • Explore physical oil markets, pricing formation, shipping, operations and contracts.
  • Gain knowledge about futures, swaps, options and Over-The-Counter markets.
  • Become familiar with trading techniques, terminology, hedging and physical trading.
  • Develop expertise in management of market exposure and price risk.
  • Improve your negotiation skills.
  • Understand the commercial aspects of the downstream oil business

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for people working in:

  • Oil trading
  • Risk management
  • Supply, transport and operations
  • Sales and marketing
  • Energy purchasing
  • Refining
  • Management and financial accounting
  • Strategic planning and economics
  • Analysis