PROBLEM: Accurate Data to Protect Your Herd

Feeding the world is a heavy responsibility. Today’s livestock producers need to generate the highest yield possible from every head of livestock, while at the same time, increase operational productivity, reduce costs, and increase profitability. With only so much farmland available, creative solutions are not just desired but necessary.

SOLUTION: Trusted, Independent Data in the Palm of Your Hand

Partnering with DTN will help you succeed. With us, you’ll have constant access to up-to-the-minute information and insights. We’ll provide you with ideas, markets news and weather information.

With products like Cattle Stress Index and 6-Factors Markets Strategies, DTN helps you make better operational and marketing decisions for enhanced results. You’ll boost your marketing outlets to another level.

DTN provides you with the most up-to-date comprehensive insights and market news on current and historical cash prices, commodity quotes, weather as well as the capability to track key variables all in real-time.

Whether you need accurate weather data to know if your herd is at risk, or you’re looking to buy or sell grain, we are here to see that you thrive.

Our products provide vital insights, market information, and information of weather risks and grain needs, helping you make time-critical decisions affecting your herd. In short, we give livestock producers what they need to get the most from their efforts.

Our Livestock Products


MyDTN is the leading independent, trusted source of actionable insights and market information designed to meet the needs of ag producers. Learn more!

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DTN Ag Weather Station

DTN Ag Weather Station is part of the industry’s largest, most accurate weather network with more than 26,000 total weather observation points. Take a Demo Now!

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DTN Ag Weather Tools

Managing weather threats is critical to a herd’s health and your bottom line. Historic information and forecasts allow you to monitor conditions, keeping you informed of which pastures are best for grazing and when.

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DTN ProphetX Livestock Edition

With so much at stake, DTN ProphetX Livestock Edition has emerged as the most trusted livestock information service on the market.

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DTN AgHost

DTN AgHost drives customer engagement by providing you with Ag content and Agricultural communication tools.

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DTN Grain Portal

This platform allows agribusiness to buy grain from farmers 24/7. The portal is connected to the grain traders order execution trading platform for auto-hedging, giving the grain buyer the comfort of accepting offers 24/7.

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