DTN ProphetX® Livestock Edition

Calculate and optimize your profitability with DTN ProphetX Livestock Edition.

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This easy-to-use information service delivers the latest and most comprehensive data available in the cattle market. Receive current and historical cash prices, ongoing commodity quotes, ag and market news, and hyper-local weather reports to maximize your efficiency and profits.


We deliver valuable insights and actionable analytics in a user-friendly product.

ProphetX Livestock Edition from DTN is the comprehensive tool you need to manage your herd for maximum profitability. This service offers you:

  • Real-Time Alerts – Get weather updates and alerts at your specific field-level location based on data from the comprehensive DTN network of weather stations.
  • Weather Forecasts – Receive up-to-the-minute temperature and precipitation forecasts taking the guesswork out of planning.
  • Easy-to-Read Data – Information is presented from all domestic and major international exchanges with split-screen views, pre-formatted pages, trend charts, and customized quote content for specific livestock displays.
  • Price Comparisons – Access local and national cash bids and basis information. Compare local prices to national averages with alerts when immediate action is necessary.
  • Expert Recommendations – DTN industry-leading analysts provide easy-to-follow expert advice on cash grain bids, futures, and options strategies.
  • Market Reports – Access current news, insight on feedstuffs, and cattle prices from sources such as the USDA.
  • Scenario Comparisons – Have the ability to run different feed and price scenarios to evaluate various outcomes.
  • Track Prices – Track variables such as grain prices, feeder calf prices, and market fluctuations, all in real-time.
  • Calculators – Up-to-date break-even and profitability calculators.
  • Quote Sheets – Use dynamic link quote sheets to chart windows, news indexes, and real-time or historical data.
  • Determine Market Impacts – Have the ability to input your production information, prices, and rations and determine how the market impacts your bottom line.


Make the right choices with confidence using ProphetX Livestock Edition.

Make managing your herd and your profits simpler by taking advantage of ProphetX. The proprietary, comprehensive data in the Livestock Edition enables you to:

  • Know when to change rations to be more profitable, while keeping your targeted rate of gain.
  • Generate custom feed and ration options for different markets and seasons, based on your current situation.
  • Determine costs for corn, silage, distillers, grain, bean meal, hay, and supplements.
  • Get alerts for field-specific weather updates and events so you can keep your herd safe, protecting your investment and your profit. You win!

There is no longer a reason to live at the whim of a volatile market and unpredictable weather. DTN ProphetX Livestock Edition takes away the feeling of being bombarded by factors outside of your control. Instead, it gives you ultimate authority by providing the most current data available for all of your business decision making.

Our proprietary data and technology put you comfortably in charge of your product and your profit. ProphetX is simple to use yet comprehensive in what it offers you and your business. With hyper-local weather information, current grain and feed prices, and the ability to run multiple scenarios to determine the best course of action, you can protect your cattle and boost your profitability.

Start your free demo and get ready to watch your business soar.

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