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Protect your bottom line and manage weather risks with independent and unbiased information all in one centralized product

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Operate more efficiently with MyDTN

  • The Hay Timer will help you quickly evaluate risk with interactive weather maps specifically develop to show factors impacting hay quality
  • Our Cattle Stress Index & Alerts provide location-based index of cattle stress conditions forecasted 72 hours out with text/email message alerting
  • US map graphics for cattle stress conditions forecasted 48 hours out
  • Daily livestock news, blogs and market analysis from ag’s most awarded editorial team



Use MyDTN to keep your herd safe from weather, and protect yourself from risk.

  • Increase profits with actionable unbiased, comprehensive livestock market insights
  • Help protect stock with our unique Cattle Stress Index & alerts for dangerous conditions
  • Trim costs with extensive local & regional cattle & feed pricing


Get the latest, most comprehensive information you need for your operation with MyDTN. Make the right decisions for your herd with the independent and unbiased information we provide.

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