DTN Grain Portal

Buy grain from a tool that works as hard as you do

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DTN Grain Portal allows you to buy commodities from farmers day and night. You can accept offers any time of day due to the connection to the grain traders order execution trading platform.

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A grain origination tool to help you buy digitally

  • Enter all spot transactions, make and manage offers, and place all hedge orders for your company positions—not just orders associated with offers.
  • Automate cancellations and replacements of hedge orders when you change your basis or adjust offers
  • Centralize all company-owned and hedge positions, buy/sell offers, and transactions, and monitor them in real time with snapshot features.


Efficient viewing, action and execution

  • Streamlines and simplify the entire grain trading process, centralizing all offers and providing integrated hedging to optimize and protect everyone’s bottom line.
  • Supports easy, real-time management of transactions and allow customers to maximize cash marketing.
  • Drives efficiency at all levels of the process, for everyone involved.


DTN Grain Portal works with you and your customer to be a platform for your hedge grain management workflow. Be part of become ag’s most trusted front-end system for grain trading.

dtn prophetx commodities black mobile