What The WebMDSS Heads-Up Display Is And Why You Should Use It

Heads Up Display

Looking for a way to view the road ahead and sub-surface conditions? The heads-up display (HUD) feature in Iteris’ web-based maintenance decision support system (WebMDSS) provides a visual representation of the analyzed and forecast pavement conditions produced by the Highway Condition Analysis and Prediction System (HiCAPS) pavement model.

How 2 Major Advances In Meteorological Technology Changed Our View Of Weather Forecasting

Satellite view of typhoon

When trying to determine current and near-term weather conditions, meteorologists rely on three main sources of data: surface observations, radar and satellite. The latter two of these three data sources have seen major technological improvements in the past few years, in turn providing meteorologists with a treasure trove of data that was previously unavailable.

The MDSS Mobile App

The MDSS Mobile App

Every subscription to pavement forecast software from Iteris includes access to the web-based software, as well as the maintenance decision support system (MDSS) mobile app. Our app has many of the features of the full website on an easy-to-use mobile platform available for both Android and Apple.