Helping Transportation Agencies Meet Winter Maintenance Expectations With Year-Round MDSS Training

Whether you are a new customer or a seasoned pro, you’ll likely have some questions about the full range of features that ClearPath Weather or our web-based maintenance decision support system have to offer, especially as we continue to enhance and update the platform. Which is why Iteris meteorologists make themselves available throughout the year to ensure that all users are comfortable and confident using our software ahead of the impending winter season.

Customized training

A number of our state department of transportation customers receive multiple-day, on-site training sessions from Iteris meteorologists. This requires weeks of prep work to create a customized experience for that state’s needs, including customized training presentations on region-specific weather events and our MDSS solutions. We also incorporate a quizzing system into the sessions, where all training participants can answer questions via a personal remote. Answers are tracked to gauge the group’s understanding of various topics on weather, maintenance operations and new features within our website and mobile app.

On-site training for DOTs is an in-depth and customized experience and tends to last from September to December. Classes run about two to four hours and cover what can be done before, during and after a storm to maximize decision support solutions.

Iteris caters to groups of new software users, seasoned industry pros and those who just want to learn more about what our software has to offer their agency.

Remote sessions

Iteris offers training remotely, via webinar, for other agencies both small and large. Webinar training sessions are designed to show the basic functionalities of the software and update the users on new features of the website and app. The main focus is on the most important features needed for decision making during the winter season. These types of sessions help to keep users on the same page and answer any product questions that may arise.

Staying up to date

In addition to conducting pre-winter training, the Iteris team updates the website and app year round to consistently improve each customer’s experience.  Frequent changes to these interfaces require constant updates to our training documentation and videos. You will also see new training material pop up frequently, often on new features or tips and tricks to using the software. Training documentation and videos can be accessed via the Help menu for each agency.

Year-round support

As always, the Iteris team is willing to help with questions or concerns about our products and services. You may email your questions or comments directly to [email protected] and a support specialist will get back to you as swiftly as possible.