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Here’s how farmers like you are using these solutions:

Red Combine in Field

“I find that I can plan my harvest schedule much better when I can see the front lines coming at me and predict better when the weather will actually be changing.”

— David Graybill, Pennsylvania

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Quentin Connealy

“During harvest, we are always on the move putting in long days, so it’s nice to be able to quickly pull up real-time local bids on our phones.”

— Quentin Connealy, Nebraska

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Mark Nowak

“It is the most accurate of any other sources. And I know that this is local information. It’s my field.”

— Mark Nowak, Minnesota producer

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Ben Riensche

“I like the consistency and authenticity from people I can trust. MyDTN is a source of stability.”

— Ben Riensche, Iowa

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Fred Helms

“In the 5 to 10-day out space, they really get the timing of a front’s arrival and the amount of precipitation we are likely to get. There are other products on the market, but they aren’t as good as DTN.”

— Fred Helms, Illinois

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Ethan Zoerb

“With DTN Market Strategies, I was able to sell on a day where my local basis was extremely favorable. My forecasts are for my farm, not for 30 miles away. That makes a real difference.”

— Ethan Zoerb, Nebraska

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