DTN Agronomic Platform

Gain access to critical data points before they can become problems.

dtn agronomic platform on mobile screen

Small changes in weather, soil, and crop conditions can be harbingers of bigger problems down the line -- or predictors of great opportunities. With precision data from DTN Agronomic Insights, you’ll spot the changes as they happen, and intervene in time to save crops and boost profits.


Easily adapt to subtle shifts in precision agriculture.

Get ahead of pest issues before they spread with customized risk alerts for specific fields and identified problems. Quickly determine the costs of potential treatments at various decision points to minimize risk and maximize yield. Improve your spray applications to maximize effectiveness by analyzing meteorological data and field conditions to determine the most suitable timing.

Use DTN Agronomic Insights to prioritize your efforts and your resources with these features:

  • Customizable Alerts – Set thresholds for numbers or types of pests and symptoms of diseases and receive an alert to your dashboard.
  • Mobile Ready – Bring your dashboard where you go.
  • Subtle Changes – Recognize the symptoms of a disease, especially with corn and soybean crops, early on and take evasive action.
  • Economic Impact Calculators – Determine costs and risks associated with herbicide, insecticide, and fungicide applications to optimize timing.
  • Spray Outlook – Analyze weather conditions at the field level with the industry’s best meteorological forecasts and plan spray applications for maximum effectiveness.
  • Growth Stage Models – Anticipate when each field reaches critical growth stages so you can more accurately predict harvests and yields.
  • Sentinel Imagery – View in-season imagery of your fields in true color and NDVI.
  • Superior Visualization – Combine layers of data into a single view to easily understand relationships and impacts.


Become a trusted ally for your producers with sharp, solid agronomic insights.

The more you know, and the sooner you realize it, the better your decisions are. You can head off problems and capitalize on opportunities. DTN Agronomic Insights gives you more relevant data, and more opportunities to act.

Not only do you have field-level data that will impact your producers’ yields, but you also can provide those insights directly to your channels. Imagine letting a producer know that you spotted the beginning of a stem canker epidemic or an aphid infestation. You can advise which fungicide or pesticide to apply on the precise day and time to ensure it will be absorbed before the rain washes it away.

With insights like those, your producers will be loyal to you and seek your advice for crop rotation and management. When your producers increase their yield and protect their profit, your business thrives.

  • Find more problems in time to control them with field-level sophisticated data related to disease, pests, soil, and weather.
  • Catch problems early and save more yield for your growers.
  • Support your recommendations with evidence-based visual analysis.
  • Determine whether or not a spray is profitable using multiple data analysis and predictive models.
  • Earn greater trust from your producers with your timely and accurate recommendations about their specific fields.
  • Minimize risks from disease, pests, and stunted growth with hyper-local information and comparative data models.
  • Allocate resources based on data-driven decisions.
  • Plan spraying activity to optimize operations and impact.