DTN Connect

Helps you deliver superior customer service with critical insights

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You won’t succeed unless you deliver good customer service. DTN Connect can help you optimize engagement and collaboration with producers. The better you can deliver, the more value you can offer — and the more engagement and sales you can generate.

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Empower your business with DTN Connect

  • It integrates producer invoices, bookings, field boundaries, contracts, fertilizer and seed order processes, and other information into a single application.
  • Connects with precision ag platforms and various back office systems
  • Identify gaps in the customer’s share of wallet spend with you,
  • Its scenario calculator generates proposals by field or farm and creates opportunities for you to advise
  • Automate fertilizer and seed orders

Tracks sales personnel activities


Boost your business by helping producers drive revenue

  • Streamline operations with a unified view of everything for easier management
  • Empower your employees to view and develop their own objectives
  • Create more collaboration between management and employees, which will in turn generate better solutions with customers

It’s a real win-win situation: your customers optimize their operations and reap bottom-line benefits, and you boost customer engagement and sales.

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