DTN Sense™

Discover trends and opportunities hidden within your order data.

DTN Sense can help find critical business trends and actionable sales opportunities within your own sales data — in less time and with a lot less labor.

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Make big data work for you

DTN Sense analyzes your order data using pre-built tools. Easily spot key trends and the root causes behind them, so you can quickly address in-season problems and seize more opportunities. It can also help you and your sales team to:

  • Focus on what matters most
  • Enhance customer engagement with valuable trends and insights
  • Offer the right solutions to the right growers

Get a better sense of what’s happening

DTN Sense can show you:

  • Who bought what and when​
  • Whether you are up or down in a specific category
  • Where there are opportunities for cross selling
  • Which growers need more sales attention

Visualize your data

DTN Sense offers a broad range of dashboards, visualizations, and reports with filters and comparison tools that let you easily see and manipulate your order data. Line up growing seasons, regardless of planting data, for more realistic comparisons.

Integrate your data

DTN Sense not only integrates with your back-office systems to provide an aggregated view of your business, it also layers in data from other sources.

Pair it with DTN Connect™ to include notes, proposals, and sale objectives. You can also add in scouting, weather, or precision ag data on top of your order data for even more powerful insight. For additional analysis, you can export your data into Microsoft® Excel®.

DTN Sense can be made even more powerful when used with this cutting-edge tool