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Confidently market your crops, track your offers, and manage your inventory with the DTN Ag Marketplace app.

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This free, independent mobile app for iOS facilitates end-to-end grain sales on your schedule. From your smartphone or mobile device, you can move fast and take advantage of short-lived market rallies and seasonal marketing opportunities.

DTN Ag Marketplace

Stay on top of your marketing, track offers, and manage inventory — all on your mobile device with DTN Ag Marketplace.

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Know when to sell, where to sell, and what to sell with the DTN Ag Marketplace iOS app.

The DTN Ag Marketplace app keeps your business moving forward wherever you are by allowing you to oversee and manage all of the following:

  • Offers – You can initiate and complete grain sales with minimal data entry and without authentication hassles. Use the app’s call capability to have your buyer enter your offer and push the transaction to the app for your confirmation.
  • Inventory – Calculate your existing inventory, forecast this year’s crop, and automatically get updates as sales go through. No more waiting for daily or even hourly updates. Get real-time data immediately.
  • Goals – Set a variety of personal goals in areas such as target prices, sell-by dates, and break-even prices. The app allows you to set alerts and notifications about your progress to ensure marketing plans stay on track.
  • Cash Bids – Access your closest grain buyers and their published grain prices in a single view. Use the filter to set your criteria and select preferred partners to see bids.
  • Overview – Understand your current market position at any point with a simple dashboard. View all your pertinent data, including sales goals, inventory status, and prices across multiple commodity types and numerous crop years.
  • Notifications – Stay on top of your marketing with push notifications for offer status updates, goal reminders, and real-time pricing alerts. Export your data to update your Excel spreadsheets or accounting programs and keep your business operating in sync.
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You can view and understand your market position at any time with the DTN Ag Marketplace iOS app. Stay in control no matter where you are.

To move your business and your clients’ bottom line in the right direction, use the Ag Marketplace app to:

  • Track grain prices with up-to-date alerts and notifications so you know exactly when it is time to sell. You can take away the guesswork.
  • Quickly act on opportunities and offers when the market dictates. Track your cash offers and closest buyers with precision and ease so you don’t miss a sale opportunity.
  • Manage your inventories any time and from any place. Gone are the days of waiting for updates from an assistant. The Ag Marketplace app keeps track of your available products in real-time.
  • Achieve your marketing plans and goals. Set goals and track your progress with the app’s user-friendly dashboard. You’ll watch your business soar.
  • Manage multiple offers and transactions at once. The centralized portal allows you to make and manage several proposals at one time with different partners.
  • Simplify your work life. You will no longer need multiple accounts and logins to manage your buyers. You can save yourself the time and hassle of the old processes with the streamlined app.

You’re ready to move your commodities business to the next level, and the DTN Ag Marketplace app can help you do just that. The first in the industry, Ag Marketplace simplifies your work and boosts your bottom line.

Just because agriculture is as old as time doesn’t mean your business should be. Let Ag Marketplace modernize how you run your trade. Download the free app today and see what it can do for you.

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