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Proactively identify and solve potential problems before they become costly issues.

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Insects, diseases, and weather challenges can cost you significantly in crop yield and overall profit. With Specialty Agronomic Insights from DTN, you will be able to protect your crops and investment with proactive information and tools.

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Powerful, easy-to-use insights let you implement proactive measures in your fields.

The DTN Specialty Agronomic Insights has no equal. Discover problems and solve them before they grow. Take control of your data and your business with these incredible features:

  • Chill Unit & Degree Days – DTN Weather sends location-specific chill unit and degree day calculators to support decision including pruning and pest management.
  • Phenology Trends – Pest alerts via email and mobile app allow you to visualize phenology trends to assess your crop’s cyclical needs.
  • Dynamic Phenology™ – Gain access to our DTN Dynamic Phenology, augmented with ground-truth trap counts and field data. Make it simple to plan for precise spray timing.
  • Sentinel Satellite Images – Satellite imagery regularly delivered throughout the season with color, NIR, and NDVI gives you in-depth knowledge of your fields.
  • Cyclical Pest Models – Plan preventative measures with pest models and weather data along with trapping and scouting information.
  • Weather-Powered Insights –  Data from the vast DTN network of weather stations keeps you in the know, so you don’t have weather surprises.
  • Hyper-Local Information  – Receive information for your specific area giving you the ability to manage your crops with precision.
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Take the guesswork out of your insect and disease challenges with Specialty Agronomic Insights.

There is no reason to spend your valuable time guessing and worrying. Let our Specialty Agronomic Insights give you back control of your business and boost your bottom line with these amazing benefits:

  • Optimize your spray times and pest control by anticipating pest development. Our top-of-the-line phenology technology gives you the data you need to spray wisely. Optimize sprays avoiding wasted chemicals and save more of your crop.
  • Accurate, real-time trapping and scouting information lets you stay ahead of problems and treat them proactively, leading to higher crop yield.
  • Location-specific weather data provides you with precise chill hours and degree days for your property so you can manage your spraying and irrigation with minimal waste.
  • Know your fields with current sentinel satellite imagery. This in-depth knowledge helps you stay on top of plant health, crop development, and overall management.
  • Stay ahead of any risk factors that develop in your fields, such as growing pest populations or plant disease so you can take swift measures to minimize problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

The trap is effective for most moth insects that can be caught on a traditional sticky card with pheromone lures.

Currently supported species include:

  • Army Cutworm
  • Black Cutworm
  • Cocoa Pod Borer
  • Codling Moth
  • Corn Earworm
  • Diamondback Moth
  • Dogwood Borer
  • European Corn Borer
  • Fall Armyworm
  • Filbertworm
  • Indian Mealmoth
  • Japanese Beetle
  • Lesser Cornstalk Borer
  • Lesser Peachtree Borer
  • Navel Orangeworm
  • Obliquebanded Leafroller
  • Oriental Fruit Moth
  • Soybean Looper
  • Sugar Beet Root Maggot
  • True Armyworm
  • Western Bean Cutworm

We are always adding more species, so please contact us if you are interested in trapping a pest not yet on this list.

The trap is rechargeable, simply plug it in overnight and you should get a full season of use on a single charge.

We recommend placing the DTN Smart Trap at the same density as traditional traps. It can also be used in conjunction with traditional traps.

Ideal placement varies widely by crop and pest. Give us a call for further guidance.

The trap uses standard sticky cards and pheromone lures, which need to be replaced on occasion. You can set lure expiration alerts in the DTN AP application, as well as receive a message when the trap sticky card is full.

Your business and livelihood deserve more than just data recording. They deserve the highest-quality insights for improved decision making to boost your yield and success.

DTN Specialty Agronomic Insights enhance all of your information and data to allow you the greatest control possible. With hyper-local weather details, accurate chill hour and degree day data, and excellent satellite imagery, you can manage your fields and plan for your pest management needs with ease. Make your tools work for you so you can reap the benefits. With DTN you can be proactive, precise, and profitable.

Try our free 14-day trial and see what you've been missing.

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