AI is driving new DTN Advanced Tropical Storm Forecast

Innovation doubles advance warning of expected volatile tropical storms

DTN, a global data, analytics, and technology leader, is once again at the forefront of weather innovation with a tropical storm forecast model that can deliver warnings up to four days earlier than current forecasts. The first of its kind model uses semantic segmentation—an artificial intelligence technique used for driverless cars—with other machine learning techniques to generate high-detail forecasts that include additional risk insights, including hourly wind, precipitation, and storm surge across areas impacted up to seven days in advance.

The addition of the advanced tropical storm model to the DTN global forecast comes at a critical time as meteorologists are predicting an above average 2024 Atlantic hurricane season.

The advanced tropical storm forecast from DTN delivers additional risk insights, including hourly wind, precipitation, and storm surge across areas impact up to seven days in advance.

“For years, DTN has been pioneering AI and weather solutions to help our customers be more climate resilient with global weather insights tailored to their needs and industry,” said Renny Vandewege, GM, Weather and Climate Intelligence.

“Our tropical storm model further builds upon our innovation to empower businesses and those responsible for keeping people safe to plan better and prepare earlier for a wider range of storm impacts.”

The sophisticated modeling also processes thousands of simulations on each storm to create a probabilistic forecast for both the storm track and wind fields that vary from storm-to-storm and forecast-to-forecast. Coupled with the DTN global forecast engine, the hourly forecasts include weather and oceanic data outputs that deliver unmatched weather risk insights farther outside the storm’s trajectory.

“Increasingly we are seeing devastating tropical storm impacts farther inland and outside of the storm’s path,” noted Vandewege. “These additional risk insights go right to the heart of what our customers need—more timely, detailed, accurate tropical storm forecasts than ever before, to help them make the best business decisions for their employees’ safety, operations and business continuity.”

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