DTN Addendum – API

If the Service is being delivered via an API then the following terms apply:

  1. Customer shall only use the API to access the Data which is licensed to Customer in the respective Order.
  2. If the Order stipulates a maximum number of requests of the API to be made by Customer, Customer agrees to abide by such limits, and shall not attempt to in any way circumvent these. In the event that Customer would like to extend its use of the API beyond these limits, Customer must obtain DTN’s prior written consent.
  3. Customer will contact DTN as soon as is reasonably practicable in the event that it becomes aware that it has exceeded its limits or would like to extend such limits.
  4. Customer’s use of the API will be monitored by DTN for the following purposes:
    1. to prevent fraud, misuse, or any other violation of the law arising from Customer’s use of the API;
    2. to avoid congestion problems;
    3. to perform, evaluate, and improve the API and related services;
    4. to check whether Customer’s application satisfies the requirements as imposed by the Order;
  5. If Customer’s use of the API violates any terms of the Agreement, including this Addendum, DTN will notify Customer and request a return to compliance. If DTN does not receive a response within 5 days of its notification, DTN may invoice Customer for additional fees for Customer’s increased usage at DTN’s applicable standard rates with effect from the commencement of the increased usage.
  6. DTN may suspend Customer’s access to the API or disable any account, log-in, or password with immediate effect in the event that:
    1. Customer commits any breach of this Addendum, including, but not limited to, non-payment of any fees; or
    2. DTN reasonably believes that suspending access to the API is necessary to protect the API, DTN, or other customers from operational, security, or other risk.
  7. DTN will use its best efforts to give Customer reasonable notice before suspending access or disabling any log-in.
  8. In order to access the API, Customer may be required to provide certain information such as identification or contact details as part of the registration process or for continued use of the API Service. Customer warrants that all such information is accurate and up to date, and Customer shall promptly notify DTN of any changes.
  9. Customer will ensure that any authorized storage of the Data is secure in accordance with common industry standards.
  10. Customer shall not index, cache, or store any DTN Weather Data retrieved from the API, unless this is technically necessary for the communication of the Data to an End User, and if only such storage:
    1. does not manipulate or modify any part of the Data; and
    2. is temporary, and where the Data must also be deleted as soon as possible if not necessary anymore for the original purpose (and in no event more than one calendar day unless expressly permitted).

    For the purposes of this Addendum, “DTN Weather Data” means data variables measuring observed, derived, or forecast temperature, relative humidity, precipitation, wind speed and direction, evapotranspiration, lightning, weather watches/warnings/advisories, hail, solar radiation, atmospheric pressure, visibility, cloud cover, and growing degree days. DTN Weather Data also includes data collected from observation platforms such as satellites and radars either in raw form or value-add.

    For the purposes of this Addendum, “End User” means the recipient of Customer’s service where Customer is permitted by the Order or otherwise by the Agreement to include the Data in its own services made available to such recipients.

  11. Unless expressly permitted in the Order, any storage of DTN Weather Data for commercial purposes is prohibited, including mass downloads of any Data, the creation of a database, or using DTN Weather Data for big data or analytical purposes.
    For the avoidance of doubt, nothing in this Addendum permits Customer to display, loan, publish, transfer possession of, or otherwise disseminate the API or any Data, in whole or in part, to any third party.
  12. DTN may at any time in its sole discretion modify the API or any of the benefits or features provided in connection with Customer’s use of the API at any time with or without notice to Customer. Modifications may affect Customer’s services and may require Customer to make changes to Customer’s services at its own cost to continue to be compatible with or interface with the API. DTN will use its best efforts to give Customer reasonable notice before making any modifications except if it is reasonably necessary to do so without notice for the purpose of protecting the stability of the API system.
  13. DTN is entitled to audit Customer’s use of the API in Customer’s application in a proportionate way:
    1. in order to check whether Customer’s application satisfies the requirements as imposed by this API Addendum;
    2. if DTN has reasonable suspicion of fraud, misuse, or any other violation of the law regarding Customer’s use of the API.