DTN Addendum – Interactive Map Widget Service

This addendum to the Subscription Agreement (“Agreement) is made and entered as of the date DTN accepts Customer’s order, and contains supplemental terms and conditions for the DTN Interactive Map Widget Services provided by DTN, which may hereinafter be referred to as “Interactive Map Widget”.

Customer hereby accepts these additional terms and conditions when purchasing any DTN Services that include the Interactive Map Widget:

  1. Customer will be charged an overage fee equal to seventy-six one hundredths of a United States cent ($0.0076) per page view when using the Interactive Map Widget and for page views that exceed the thresholds below based on Customer size:

    • Local Customer: $0.0076 per page view that exceed 9,000 page views per month
    • Regional Customer: $0.0076 per page view that exceed 44,000 page views per month
    • National Customer: $0.0076 per page view that exceed 223,000 page views per month
  2. DTN will notify or provide customer with access to, in writing, the total number of page views incurred by Customer on a monthly basis.  Customer will be invoiced by DTN and will be responsible to pay for any overage fees, and in conjunction with the DTN Terms of Service located at www.dtn.com/tos.  If Customer has any questions regarding the overage fees relating to the Interactive Map Widget, it may contact DTN as follows:

    • DTN customer support
    • Available 8:00am – 5:00pm CST (excluding Sundays)
    • [email protected] via e-mail; or 1-800-290-9162 via phone
  3. This addendum modifies and supplements the Agreement solely to the extent expressly set forth herein.  All other terms and conditions within the Agreement, including any amendments or addenda thereto, remain unchanged and in full force any effect.