Have you heard of a bombogensis? Be ready, it may be arriving April 12

A high impact storm system will bring all types of weather to the eastern two-thirds of the country Sunday and Monday. A rare continental “bombogenesis” event is also possible (low pressure systems dropping 24 mb in 24 hours). On Sunday afternoon an area of low pressure will eject from the Rockies and march northeast towards the Great Lakes into Monday.

On the cold side of the storm heavy snow and gusty winds will occur, with a widespread 3-7” of snow possible from the Central Plains into the Upper Midwest. Wind gusts in excess of 50 mph will create blowing snow.

On the warm side of the system, strong southerly winds off the Gulf of Mexico will usher in warm and moisture air from the open waters of the gulf. As this gulf moisture crashes into colder air from Canada, severe thunderstorms will likely form in the southern Mississippi River Valley. With a strong and negatively tilted jet stream aloft, the potential does exist for long track tornadoes, along with damaging winds and some hail. The highest chances will be across Louisiana into Alabama, and surrounding states. There will also be the threat of flash and river flooding in the Tennessee Valley, an already saturated region.

The storm system will march into the Northeast on Monday, bringing gusty winds, heavy rain, and a few strong thunderstorms. Much of the Mid-Atlantic and Northwest will record peak wind gusts of 45-55 mph. Coupled with heavy rain and eventually saturated ground, tree and power line damage is certainly possible.