WeatherSentry Agricultural Edition

Today, many global agricultural producers struggle to manage their operations and optimize yields due to inaccuracies and inconsistencies in weather reporting. Most weather observations and forecasts are focused on population-dense cities, not on the rural areas where you live and farm. With crop yields and your livelihood on the line, you need consistent, accurate, and relevant weather information now more than ever before.

WeatherSentry Agriculture Edition leads the way. We deliver unmatched weather intelligence, forecasts, and actionable insights. In turn, we’re helping you meet the growing global demand for crops while protecting your business and peace of mind.

Hyper-local information drives better decisions

We have more than 5,500 fully-equipped, solar-powered weather stations across the United States and Canada. Each gathers and delivers real-time information on temperature, precipitation, wind speed and direction, dew point, humidity, growing degree days (GDD), evapotranspiration, soil moisture and temperature, and more. Our team of degreed meteorologists manages this wealth of information around the clock and produces local outlooks for the immediate 72-hour and 15-day forecast periods. All of this is updated every hour, and relayed to producers like you.

In addition, WeatherSentry collects and archives hourly, daily, and monthly summaries of local weather conditions. You can access this historical information at any time to see how environmental factors influence yield, allowing you to better plan for the future.

With these actionable insights, you can improve your operating decisions. For example, you can decide on the best times to perform field work, such as applying fertilizers and fungicides, and when to feed and care for livestock to optimize animal health. You also have the option of adding your own on-site weather station and aggregating its information right from your own field. With it, ultra-precise forecasts and customized alerts can be generated to further minimize your risks and reduce your operating costs.

According to, we have had the most accurate temperature and precipitation forecasts of any weather service in the United States for 10 consecutive years.

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