WeatherSentry Public Safety Edition

What you can count on when so many count on you.

From a festival in a local park to alerts as severe weather approaches, the people of your city count on you to keep them informed, alerted, and, most of all, safe. As severe weather approaches, you need the best information and actionable insights to decide on if you sound the alarm or close event.

Eliminate the guesswork with the help of our WeatherSentry Public Safety Edition. Rely on our accurate daily forecasts for the next 15 days and hourly forecasts for the immediate 72 hours to stay ahead of the weather or make informed last-minute decisions based on current weather conditions.

WeatherSentry Public Safety Edition is the only tool you need to monitor severe weather, lightning, heat, and rain. Know if a storm is approaching your area and when. Create over 50 custom weather parameters that alert you when certain conditions arise that could jeopardize the safety of your sporting event. All the lightning and weather data you need is easily viewable on one customizable dashboard accessed online via phone, or PC.

Don’t be struck off guard

Lightning is one of the most dangerous threats to any community. WeatherSentry Public Safety Edition combines the best global lightning detection networks with automated intelligence so you can stop guessing and start knowing when lightning is on the horizon. WeatherSentry Public Safety Edition can generate reports that include not only the proximity of lightning strikes but all the details about each strike – distance, amperage, polarity, time and location.

Learn more about how WeatherSentry Public Safety Edition can keep your city safe here, or take a free trial and protect your citizens from severe weather.

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