ObsConnect Weather Station

Collate real-time, on-site observations to enhance your forecasts and operational decisions

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The ObsConnect Weather Station is a turn-key solution designed to deliver the most accurate observations for your mine site. It ensures that precise meteorological and environmental data inform your critical decisions.

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Advanced technology for exact, real-time measurements

Public weather stations often provide irrelevant data collected by sensors miles away. Our ObsConnect Weather Station precisely measures your immediate environment, increasing nowcasting and forecasting system accuracy.

Advanced weather sensor technology – our ObsConnect Weather Station has a compact, all-in-one sensor — the first of its kind to integrate all measurements into a single, intelligent package.

Real-time, on-site environmental and weather observations – expertly calibrated, the weather station’s sensor provides the comprehensive data required for top-tier modeling to support your operations.

Accurate and precise quantification of observations – offering exact quantification, the ObsConnect Weather Station uses revolutionary technology, with proven accuracy and efficiency, across various applications and climates.

Simple, scalable installation – the plug-and-play nature of its singular design means you do not need any specialty tools to install the ObsConnect Weather Station on site. It is scalable to your site’s configuration and size.

Scheduled verification and maintenance – ongoing reliability is ensured with scheduled verification and preventative maintenance, provided as standard.

Rugged and reliable design – the weather sensor and data hub are expertly-constructed in a robust cabinet, designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, no matter where you are located.

Easily integrated into your existing systems – the DTN MetConsole cloud data system facilitates seamless storage and integration of data into your existing online products.

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Make decisions based on comprehensive, accurate data

Volatile weather conditions heavily impact mining. However, you can safeguard your team and productivity with hyperlocal inputs informing your planning.

Improve your operational decisions – when the weather impacts your operations, you can rest assured you have the most accurate data to underpin your decisions — whether to blast, shutdown, schedule maintenance, or resume production.

Access your data when you need it most – oversee your network from any device, anytime, so you always have real-time situational awareness guiding your planning and operations.

Gain unparalleled monitoring and support – you can rely on system uptime. Your integrative dashboard offers comprehensive report generation for in-depth analysis, system health monitoring and technical support, 24/7.

Keep it simple and reduce the need for hardware – there is no need to deploy networks of field hardware. Reduce your costs by installing the ObsConnect Weather Station, as it is highly accurate without requiring multiple external sensors or equipment.

Choose your delivery method – choose how your data is delivered (via your existing interface or our Opticast™ mining forecasting solution). This ensures it is easy to interpret and entirely customized to your requirements. All data is secure, validated, and easily visualized.

Reduce installation costs – with simple, no-fuss installation — no Ph.D. or specialized tools required — you won’t blow the budget on labor and excessive equipment.

Reduce unnecessary shutdowns with environmental and weather data specific to your mine site. Your planning and logistics are supported by a more accurate forecast, so you can maintain your equipment at appropriate times and keep your team and assets safe.

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