Weather Stations

Keep Communities Safe with Hyper Local Weather Insights

Install a Davis Weather Station with integrated sensors to gather all of the basic weather parameters needed to enhance the WeatherSentry decision support platform. Get instant readings and manage changing conditions in areas of your community that may not be best served by the nearest NWS stations.


Flawless integration with WeatherSentry.

Weather Stations integrate flawlessly with WeatherSentry Public Safety Edition to create a total solution for all your prediction needs. Stations are strategically placed around your community for optimum readings to provide you with hyper-local, real-time weather information.

  • Integrate the weather station data into WeatherSentry solutions and decision support.
  • Weather forecasts are adjusted directly towards your weather station’s data, allowing for greater accuracy at your specific location.
  • Gather the custom readings for use in consultations.
  • Set Actionable Alerts on your additional forecast points.


Create your own forecast points.

WeatherSentry can then analyze your local data so you can view lightning, approaching storms, severe heat conditions, and more. Everything is displayed clearly on a single dashboard, on your PC or mobile device. Because the weather can change at any time, and you’ve got to be ready.

  • Make more confident decisions – with knowledge of hyper-local conditions and forecasts.
  • Optimize your coverage and response – Know in advance when response to weather events will impact your community with patented, customizable weather alerts for your exact location.
  • Ensure optimal safety and service – for your community and responders during adverse weather.

Sometimes uncontrollable circumstances—like the weather—can turn dangerous and you need hyper-local insights and tools to see who is in harm’s way. Weather Stations give you access to instant weather data and forecasts for your exact location, so you won’t be caught off-guard by the weather and you can make the best possible decisions to keep your community safe.

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