PROBLEM: Observing Weather Conditions Accurately

As the aviation industry is impacted by rapid technological advances, airlines and air traffic management are transforming to become more effective and efficient, particularly when it comes to sensors and capturing weather data. The ability to rely on accurate weather information is critical for enabling safer, more efficient flight operations.

SOLUTION: Everywhere You Need to Be

DTN has been in the Weather Observation Systems business for more than 35 years, providing high-value products to comply with the most rigorous standards of its global customers. In particular, DTN’s Aviation Weather Solutions have been installed and integrated in more than 300 airports worldwide.

Our Weather Environmental Solutions

MetConsole AWOS product image
MetConsole AWOS

Weather can play a large role in airport operations, and often determines the safeguards and procedures an airport uses to keep passengers and personnel out of harm’s way.

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MetConsole ATIS product image
MetConsole ATIS

With DTN MetConsole ATIS, air traffic controllers can focus more on managing departing and arriving flights.

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MetConsole LLWAS product image
MetConsole LLWAS

You can be ready to handle any wind shear event with the DTN MetConsole LLWAS (Low Level Wind Shear Alert System).

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MetConsole LiWAS product image
MetConsole LiWAS

Enhance the windshear alerting systems at airports by integrating a LiDAR-based system from DTN.

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