Weatherzone Takes Top Honors in WMO Weather App Awards

The event celebrates and rewards public and private partnerships to bring the best weather information to consumers.

SYDNEY, Australia (December 16, 2020) – – Today, Weatherzone, a DTN company, received top honors in the inaugural World Meteorological Organization International Weather Apps Awards 2020. The Australian-based weather app won the highest award for public weather forecasts and information content in the private sector and honorable mentions for weather warnings, user interface and data representation in the private sectors.

“We are honored to receive these awards,” said Mark Hardy, Weatherzone managing director. “We are passionate about developing weather apps that people can rely on wherever they go. The WMO awards highlight our commitment to partnering with our public weather organizations, such as the Bureau of Meteorology and delivering a valuable weather tool directly to our users throughout Australia.”

The WMO International Weather Apps Awards recognizes the high standards and good practices for weather apps and are intended to further stimulate public and private partnerships brought together to deliver vital decision-making tools. Submissions were reviewed by an independent international jury and the winners were announced during a virtual awards ceremony.

Globally, national meteorological services organizations are encouraged to partner with the private sector to extend the reach, engagement, value and ultimately the return on investment of their publicly funded services. The Weatherzone app – along with many DTN weather-related solutions – is an example of how a private company can partner with public entities and deliver value-added and critical decision-making weather solutions.

“These awards are a testament to our commitment at Weatherzone and DTN to partnering with national meteorological organizations throughout the world in order to bring the best weather information and insights available anywhere in the world,” said Marc Chesover, president at DTN.

“We are extremely proud of our Australian team for their innovative and industry-leading approach to incorporating public weather data into a private sector weather app.”

The Weatherzone app is available for Android and iOS devices. For more information or to download the app, click here.