AviationSentry® 8.2 delivers an enhanced experience

If you’ve attended one of our recent weather outlook webinars, you already know this season will bring more extreme conditions and increased volatility to many regions.

To support those in the aviation industry, we’ve enhanced our industry-leading solution, AviationSentry, with expanded content, greater situational awareness, and increased performance.

By having even more critical insights in one place, our users can better visualize and understand the weather that affects their people, operations, and businesses, helping them boost safety, efficiency, and cost savings.

AviationSentry Executive Summary Laptops

New feature: Executive summary

The new executive summary feature supports superior visualization and a better understanding of operation-specific weather impacts for individual locations. With easy-to-read charts, mouse-over capabilities, and more, the executive summary offers fast access to critical insights for risk assessment.

AviationSentry Forecast Settings

Updated feature: Forecast settings

AviationSentry customers can make more informed decisions as they have greater flexibility and control over custom alerts with a new sliding scale for their caution and warning ranges. The forecast settings also provide an improved view of inclement weather thresholds within the hourly and daily forecasts and the location monitoring pages.

Composite Radar Laptop

Updated feature: Composite radar

To provide our customers with better insights into precipitation intensity, AviationSentry includes an enhanced composite radar offering hyper-local, 1 dBZ resolution views.

Future Radar Laptop

Expanded feature: Future radar

Previously available to customers in North America, this newly updated feature now allows customers worldwide to fine-tune decisions around hazardous storms by seeing the potential future location and intensity of radar-detected precipitation up to 90 minutes in advance. Achieved through a blend of sophisticated computing techniques, it is available for all users, with Japanese, Australian, and European future radar available for our global users.


AviationSentry customers, if you’d like a member of our team to walk you through the new enhancements, we’d be glad to help. Contact us today.

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