Ep. 104: The WASDE Before the Storm

News Insights Field Posts Podcast

We discuss the near and long term weather forecasts and what they might mean for heat and dryness in the coming months, in addition to digging into the prospects for a new proposal to get grain out of Ukraine, plus more.

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Data Science In Agriculture

Blog header Farmer kneeling in field with tablet

Farm management no longer relies on paper and people organization like the Farmer’s Almanac or an older farmer’s experience. Gathering and processing information has been revolutionized. A new world of decision-making based on data science in agriculture is here. In fact, it has been here for longer than we may realize.

E99: Soybeans are Crushing It, Literally

News Insights Field Posts Podcast

Soybeans are crushing it, literally, a biodiesel boom has been sweeping across the United States. We’ll dig into this topic with experts and farmers weighing in on what the future might look like.