Oil Industry Economics – From wellhead to gas pump

The objective for this course is to attach a financial perspective to each step of the industry, from wellhead to pump. Each step is examined by defining the primary components that impact economics and then quantifying the costs or revenues that flow from those activities. Economics are kept as current as possible with most values and examples reassessed just days prior to every course. The latest futures ticks, government statistics, SEC 10-Q’s, tariffs and margins are incorporated right up to printing deadline. This emphasis on near real-time economics drives robust discussion of the domestic physical market, global supply and demand factors, and geopolitical influences.

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At A Glance

Industry Segment Oil
Course Level Intermediate
CPE Credits 13
DTN Credits 6
Competency Path Certified Energy Professional, Oil

What You Will Learn

Some specific topics covered during this course include:

  • Per barrel costs of finding and lifting crude oil.
  • Pipeline, rail, and water considerations and rates.
  • Refinery configuration, complexity, and crack spreads.
  • Flow of domestic price dynamics from spot market to pump.
  • Regional gasoline and diesel retail price dissection.
  • Futures market dynamics and forward curve influences.
  • Geopolitical drivers and effects.

Live vs. On Demand Courses
With our traditional live courses, you’ll get an in-person classroom experience where you can connect directly with your instructor and industry peers. DTN On Demand courses give you instant online access to instructor-narrated courses that you can start, stop, pause and view at your convenience.
Please Note: Exact content will differ between our Live and On Demand courses. CPE credits not available for On Demand courses. On Demand courses also do not contain any listed trading simulations, group exercises etc. See the Oil Economics On Demand course description for full details.

Who Should Attend

  • Major Oil & Large Independent:
    • Refiners
    • Marketers
    • Supply & distribution personnel
    • Exchange personnel
    • Terminal managers
    • Risk managers
    • Wholesale and commercial managers
    • Traders
  • Wholesale/Marketing Companies
  • Jobbers/Diesel Fuel Distributors
  • Every level of the trading community, both physical and financial.
  • Truck stop & retail chain operators:
    • Fuel purchaser
    • Hedgers
    • Marketers
  • End-Users
    • Trucking companies
    • Barge and shipping companies
    • Commercial and private airline fleets
    • Government Agencies – Federal-State-Municipal
  • Lenders to the oil industry
  • Futures & OTC brokers
  • Media companies
  • Oil reporters
  • Oil analysts