Oil Market Pricing Interrelationships

A myriad of non-oil and oil intermarket relationships continue to impact the price of oil. This must-attend course will help you understand all of the important interrelationships, from the various macro and micro-fundamentals, to the intricacies of the various financial and economic indicators.

At A Glance

Industry Segment Oil
Course Level Introductory to Intermediate
CPE Credits 12
DTN Credits 6
Competency Path Certified Energy Professional, Certified Energy Trading Professional, Oil

What You Will Learn

  • All about the economics of oil trading.
  • Macroeconomics of worldwide energy complex. What is driving oil prices?
  • The impact on price from the supply side.
  • The impact on price from the demand side.
  • The impact on price from the inventory side.
  • How the micro fundamentals from around the globe impact price.
  • How the non-economic drivers like shipping and transportation impact price.
  • How the myriad of various economies both emerging and developed impact price.
  • How various Central Bank strategies that are employed to manage the global economies impact oil prices.
  • The performance of oil prices under various economic cycles.
  • The impact of oil prices from moves in the various global equity markets.
  • How and why the US dollar impacts prices.
  • What is the impact on prices if OPEC moves away from the US dollar as the currency for dealing in oil.
  • How and why other commodities impact oil prices.
  • Is oil the new inflation hedge?

Who Should Attend

  • Major Oil & Large Independent:
    • Refiners
    • Marketers
    • Supply & Distribution personnel
    • Exchange Personnel
    • Risk Managers
    • Wholesale and Commercial managers
    • Traders
  • Wholesale/Marketing Companies
  • Jobbers/Diesel Fuel Distributors
  • Every level of the Trading community both physical & financial.
  • Truck Stop & Retail Chain Operators:
    • Fuel purchaser
    • Hedgers
    • Marketers
  • End-Users
    • Trucking Companies
    • Barge and Shipping Companies
    • Commercial and Private Airline Fleets
    • Government agencies – Federal – State- Municipal
    • Shipping companies
  • Lenders to the Oil Industry
  • Futures & OTC Brokers
  • Media Companies
  • Oil Reporters
  • Oil Analysts