Introduction to Petroleum Hedging

This course will simplify and remove the mystery surrounding petroleum hedging. You’ll get a practical understanding of petroleum hedging and price risk management and how it can benefit your company.

Upstream Oil and Gas Fundamentals

Learn fundamental principles, tools, technology and methodologies for finding and managing oil and gas reservoirs. Ideal for experienced professionals as well as new entrants to the industry seeking to gain a basic understanding of the upstream sector to contribute to team success.

Simulated Oil Hedging

Do you want hands-on oil hedging experience during various historical scenarios? Now, during our Simulated Oil Hedging program, you’ll not only learn the skills you need to successfully hedge oil but you’ll also put your knowledge to the test using the DTN proprietary hedging simulator. Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind, dynamic simulated hedging event!

Geopolitics of Energy

Geopolitical events have been at the heart of almost all oil shocks over the last 50 years. Integrating geopolitical risk into your hedging, trading and analytical operations is a must. Learn how.

Commodity Trading Fundamentals

Get a solid foundation in commodity trading by examining all four sectors: Energy, Agriculturals, Metals, and Softs. This course will help you understand the major tools and techniques used by both hedgers and speculators.

Physical Natural Gas Trading

Understand the physical markets, operations and logistics, and the distinct differences and applications between the physical and financial markets. We’ll focus on making money for traders, saving money for buyers, and risk management.

Biofuel Fundamentals

Gain a solid foundation in biofuels and understand the interplay of agriculture, oil and alternatives from production to the pump and beyond.

Global Oil Supply & Demand Balance

Get a rigorous understanding of the who, what and how at every level of the macro and micro supply and demand balances, and the implications they have on short, medium and longer-term pricing relationships.

Retail Power Fundamentals

Attend this one-day course and get comprehensive training on how the retail markets function. This course delivers highly focused insight into the key factors that drive success in the evolving retail power sector.