Transportation Fuel Purchasing

Get all of the information, tools, tips and techniques you need to build an effective and manageable fuel program. Designed for the unique and significant fueling needs of Class 8 LTL, TL and transit fleets.

Introduction to Liquefied Natural Gas

Understand the global dynamics of natural gas and its burgeoning transport via the LNG value chain, including market implications and technological developments.

Midstream Oil and Gas Fundamentals

The midstream sector is changing worldwide and most dramatically in North America. Take this course and get a working knowledge of oil and gas gathering, processing, pipelines and storage facilities, as well as the history, evolution and forward trends of these business areas.

Petroleum Industry Fundamentals

Get a detailed understanding of the entire petroleum complex with a focus on the operational details of the upstream, midstream, and downstream.

Energy Risk Management

Understand the critical risk management tools available for managing the impact to your energy price risk and ongoing volatility.

Best Practices & Financial Risk

Understand the various types of financial risks, as well as how to measure, monitor and manage them. Plus, participate in our Portfolio Risk Trading Simulation.

Energy In A Day

Get a whirlwind tour of the oil, natural gas and power industries in one day. This course covers oil and natural gas production, electric power and its system of distribution, and the basics of the energy futures market.

Technical Analysis

Learn how to use technical analysis techniques to limit downside risk without eliminating upside potential when trading in the energy markets. You’ll get an understanding of the most popular and successful techniques in technical analysis, and how they can be applied to your specific business.

Futures, Options & Derivatives

Understand what futures, options, and derivatives are; how they work, how they are used, and how they can be applied to your specific business.