Refined Products Hedging

Get comprehensive exposure to risk management tools and strategies, macro and micro market fundamentals, margin preservation, manufacturing and marketing, and cutting-edge purchasing techniques that drive success in the refined products market.

At A Glance

Industry Segment Oil
Course Level Intermediate
CPE Credits 13
DTN Credits 6
Competency Path Certified Energy Trading Professional, Oil, Trading & Risk Management

What You Will Learn

You will:

  • Learn the unique steps you should take NOW to reduce price exposure, manage risk, and guard against price spikes.
  • Define your price/margin exposure.
  • Quantify hedge base percentage.
  • Review the structure of your supply contracts.
  • Assess the risk profile of your company.
  • Learn how to implement hedge strategy.
  • Establish your corporate risk policy and obtain board approval.
  • Establish an OTC account.
  • Design your hedging program.
  • Define the hedge objectives of your company.
  • Determine the appropriate hedge strategies for your company.
  • Develop daily marked to market.
  • Monitor and adjust your hedge strategy.

Who Should Attend

Entry-level to intermediate professionals from: Wholesale/marketing companies, utilities, jobbers/home heating oil distributors, fuel purchasers, back office, hedgers, marketers, end-users, trucking companies and government agencies.