At DTN, we touch virtually every facet of downstream oil and gas in Europe and North America. Our solutions are designed to help increase efficiencies, streamline processes, boost margins, and improve communications.

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Industry-leading terminal lifting connectivity & control

Control is everything. Over your inventory. Over supply. Over customers. The more you can exercise it using operational speed and system integration, the more time and money you can save. That can put you ahead of the competition.

DTN TABS gives you the centralized, automated real-time control you need over product allocations and credit — across equity and third-party terminals. With it, you can also provide authorization for fuel dispensation and credit extension.

DTN TABS helps you…
  • Validate allocation supply
  • Reduce credit exposure
  • Eliminate inventory runs
  • Expedite your invoicing
  • Optimize margins & opportunities
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Comprehensive, real-time inventory management

Timely, quality inventory data is critical to your business. Maximizing supply chain operations, optimizing planning, and making good scheduling decisions are just a few of the activities that require it. However, gathering it on your own is extremely time-consuming.

DTN TIMS is the industry’s first completely automated inventory management system. It increases your visibility into your distribution network, gathering inventory and supply and demand information directly from its source — then validating it and passing it along to you.

With DTN TIMS, you can…
  • Reduce errors & inefficiencies
  • Minimize supply risks
  • Save time & money
  • Increase revenue opportunities
  • Optimize marketing & deliveries
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Do you need a terminal inventory management system?
Ask these six questions:

Am I positioned correctly given my physical capacity constraints?

Am I positioned correctly to avoid potential runouts?

Am I positioned correctly given trending market prices?

Are scheduled bulk movements correctly appearing as supply in my inventory forecast?

Is the creation of bulk receipts or deliveries identifying inventory as being in transit or in stock?

Can today’s truck BOLs be applied to opening inventory to provide a midday inventory?


Speed & simplify BOL recovery

When it comes to reconciling and invoicing, capturing all BOLs is absolutely critical. From terminal power outages to manual BOL entry errors to telecommunications issues, your BOL data can be compromised — and that can cost you serious money.

DTN BOL Recon — a companion to our industry-leading DTN TIMS solution — allows you to quickly identify and address missing or overlooked BOLs. It finds them for you once a day, even on weekends and holidays. You can also manually search for missing or individual BOLs from the last 90 days.

DTN BOL Recon helps you…
  • Simplify reconciliation
  • Ensure faster billing
  • Prevent financial losses
  • Focus on other tasks
  • Improve partner transparency
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Missing BOLs Can Mean Missing Revenue

Lost BOLs are an industry issue that has often gone undetected, but is starting to be realized. Advancements in technology are helping find the missing BOLs and are saving companies money.

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BOLs: Recent Digital Innovations Drive Efficiency

New technologies are emerging that help suppliers identify lost BOLs before customers may realize they were overlooked and ensure the documents are reconciled in a timely fashion.

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DTN Guardian3™

Streamline terminal-to-back office automation

To work smart, you need the best information at your fingertips, including detailed inventory reports. The more easily you can manage day-to-day challenges, as well as regulatory and supply issues, the greater the throughput and profit you can generate.

DTN Guardian3 is your one-stop solution for actionable insights. It delivers unmatched critical infrastructure security and enterprise integration capabilities — all with the added backing of an industry-leading global support network.

With DTN Guardian3, you can…
  • Instantly know your positions
  • Optimize inventory & demand management
  • Anticipate & communicate regarding shortages
  • Prevent downtime & customer service issues
  • Ensure security, safety, & compliance

Discover how a cutting-edge terminal automation system can help streamline your operations.

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