Lightning Alerts Now Available On ClearPath Weather

DTN is excited to announce that lightning alerts are now available to ClearPath Weather users.

Lightning is one of the most deadly elements of any thunderstorm and it can occur even in the smallest of storms.

But while it is difficult to forecast, lightning is surprisingly easy to avoid. And with lightning alerts sent directly to your phone, you will have real-time information that will help you mitigate any lightning-related hazards as soon as possible.

Protecting Real People in Real Situations

Whether you have construction crews working on sealing pavement, standing outside your shop or working with the parks and rec division to coordinate little league games, lightning alerts will instantly let you and your teams know when it is time to take shelter.

When you subscribe to lightning alerts, you will be able to customize when, where and how often you will receive notifications about lightning in your area. The alerts can be sent to both your mobile phone or email, and there is even an option to receive a stand-down message when the lightning in your area ceases, so you can feel comfortable returning back to work safely.

Lightning Visualizations

With your subscription to lightning alerts, you will also be able to use ClearPath Weather to visualize lightning in your area. When the current lightning layer is turned on, you can see the location and age of the lightning strikes up to 25 miles in any direction from your forecast site.  The layer will show lightning strikes up to 100 minutes old.