New Features in DTN RoadMaster Enhance Road Maintenance in Summer Months

DTN RoadMaster, the go-to road maintenance solution to secure road safety and operational efficiency, recently released new features for year-round weather support. The upgrades include a customized hazard display and longer forecast window, beneficial for road maintenance planning. The RoadMaster update also includes settings for summer parameters, such as high surface temperatures and wind gusts, vital information during hotter months.

A major improvement is the user selection of forecast parameters, which can be setup independently for the dashboard and multiple forecast tables. This includes an easy switch between defaults settings for winter usage, focusing mainly on the slipperiness of winter roads, and summer, focusing on hazards such as high temperatures, precipitation amounts and wind gusts.

The location details page, which displays all data for specified locations, has been extended to a 15-day forecast. This feature better supports decision making and long-term planning for road maintenance, including earlier insight into heatwaves and summer storms. The longer forecast time enhances the data already available in the existing hourly 36-hour forecast per hour and the eight-day forecast.

New visual upgrades help RoadMaster users see additional forecast details immediately on the dashboard in one glance. Customers can determine color settings that display different hazard levels based on preferences and new weather icons in location-specific forecasts provide an intuitive notice of upcoming weather conditions in all seasons.

This RoadMaster release includes a new version of the mobile app, which is available in the Android and Apple app stores. The mobile app progressively embeds new features as available in the RoadMaster web portal, providing a fully-integrated solution that users can access in the office on a desktop or on-the-go via the mobile app.