Using Weekend Weather Briefings To Disseminate Weather And Pavement Forecasts

In addition to the weather and pavement forecasts we provide via our maintenance decision support system – Iteris MDSS – we are proud to provide weekend weather briefing videos to customers around the country.

These videos are typically sent out Friday mornings during the winter and provide a forecast for the region through Sunday night. When a major storm is approaching, customers also have the ability to request a special video that covers the impending event.

Every video, regardless of whether it is a scheduled weekend video or a special issuance, is made by Iteris meteorologists and explain the forecast and expected road conditions using MDSS. While the information provided in videos may not differ much from what is readily available in MDSS, customers like the presentation aspect of the videos and the ability to easily send them to multiple people within their agency.

Since all of the information within the videos is presented using MDSS, customers have the ability to perform the same functions on their personal computer anytime they please. This ability is particularly useful when a storm is forecast to hit on a Sunday, since the video forecast made Friday morning is likely to change a bit before the event begins.

Iteris also makes seasonal videos for some of its clients. These videos are typically issued four times a year and begin with a recap of the previous season’s weather. After the recap, the Iteris meteorologist will discuss the long-range forecast trends in both temperature and precipitation. Additional information specific to the location and season, such as data regarding the upcoming hurricane season, may also be included.

Because these forecasts are more generalized and cover four months, MDSS cannot be used to make the graphics or forecast. Rather, the Iteris meteorologist making the video will resort to more custom-made graphics and images available for public use. While the lack of MDSS graphics means viewers will not be able to follow along on their personal computers or get updated forecasts a few weeks later, the video’s information is unique as Iteris does not publish the information contained in these seasonal videos anywhere else.