Tips For Digital Farm Optimization

Agriculture is a unique industry that straddles both the future and the past. Centuries of capable method and mastery are now mingling with technology to bring it into the future. Through digital farm optimization, proven knowledge is blended with DTN technology for achievable results.

DTN has created a haven for those in the agriculture industry to receive information on demand. Having immediate access, regardless of your operation’s size, is beneficial for your farm. Imagine having access to weather, risk management, and support all at the tip of your finger.

ClearAg is such a haven that provides farmers to reap the very best of their land and livestock that is location-specific. Visit DTN today to request a demonstration and to see what DTN can do to help you thrive.


Digital Farming

Digital farm optimization utilizes data and artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence works with data gathered to help farmers level up in every step of the agricultural process.

When the pairing of tech and data is used, farmers can foresee how weather or the market may impact their crops and livestock.

The use of technology can be one of the most valuable tools a farmer has today. It can do anything from using GPS technology to track and monitor livestock to track weather patterns.

Honing this technology comes with an experienced team to guide you and give you wisdom through your process. In the modern era, digital optimization is indeed the future of farming.


Top Tips For Digital Farm Optimization

Data collected can provide insight into how to operate farms to be at their peak, no matter the size or location.

Digital optimization is made further obtainable and accessible using smart devices such as phones and tablets. Farmers can set several apps and programs on devices to keep farms of any size running efficiently.


Don’t Get Under The Weather

Being tuned in to your operation’s operations and circumstances is a way to keep your farm in top form.

Setting up alerts on your smart devices for weather for location-specific weather can be a life-saver.

A considerable risk that farmers can handle by keeping up with the weather is frost. Frost can be a significant hindrance for most crops and can ruin months of hard work.

It is knowing or having an idea of when temperatures will dip or when it is forecasted. Thus you can spring into action to harvest or cover plants before losing them to the weather.

Weather risk can be more extensive than frost. Spraying crops when the wind is blowing wrong can result in overspray and improper fertilization. Weather monitoring that is accurate and specific to the area can make all the difference. Each specific area of the Earth is different and requires monitoring to deliver the most accurate information available.


Make Informed Decisions

Preventing you from having such issues as overspray and higher grain dry down costs is the goal of having up to the minute data. Farmers can plan and monitor their commodities with ease.

Grain dry down affects farms of every size, from large corporate operations to small family-owned ones. Dry down is what occurs when grain loses moisture during the storage process after harvest.

That number can be more significant than expected due to inclement or unsuspected weather. Having less grain than hoped for can be an apparent unforeseen blow to the bottom line.

Streamlining the information for your farm’s location, crops, and livestock in a way that offers an on-demand view is ideal.


Keep Your Eyes On The Market

Agronomics is the blending of economics with agriculture.

On the global market, agricultural commodities are traded, bought, and sold in several different markets. Seeing the trend in their market activity is a crucial piece to being competitive in the agricultural industry.

Monitoring and having alerts for the agricultural markets can be a game-changer. It can help to make informed decisions on the pricing of your goods and where to sell them.

You are not only potentially able to be more successful but can become more competitive as a result. Knowledge is indeed power in these circumstances.


Weigh The Risks 

In agriculture, the risks are more unpredictable than in most industries. Wild variables such as weather and the environment will come into play.

Monitoring weather and agricultural markets does not mean that you can predict either.

It can, however, prepare you for just about anything the global market or Mother Nature can throw your way.

Being able to take into consideration the patterns and the associated risk is vital.

No matter the industry, risk management is not something to be ignored. Knowing what patterns to be aware of in both weather and financial markets is a great way to plan.


Successfully Thrive

ClearAg is a tool of empowerment that guides farmers who want to take their operations to the next level. DTN offers their clients aid in everything from seeing how weather can affect cattle to advertising.

Expert knowledge of the industry as the latest technology in the hands of farmers gives them that chance. No matter the size of the operation, DTN wants to see its clients prosper through its products in the following ways:

  • Environmentally sensitive problems that are unique to your location and agriculture.
  • Analysis of trends in market and weather.
  • Proactive decision support to help you to make the most informed decisions.

In developing DTN ClearAg, over 20 years of location-specific insights have come together to create a reliable, invaluable tool. We specifically designed our products to provide location-specific data to keep our farmers at their best. Request a demo today to begin your journey to the next level; we look forward to working with you.