Weather information on the go with RoadMaster

Mobile app provides your road maintenance services at your fingertips

Road managers need access to weather information specific for their maintenance area, whether they are in the office or on the go. The new RoadMaster 2020 app delivers critical weather information when and where you need it to plan, prepare and respond to hazardous weather. The app is fully aligned with the RoadMaster webportal, providing comprehensive weather coverage 24/7.

RoadMaster 2020 mobile app feature highlights:

Highlights which hazards may affect your maintenance area, by when and where, for example: high / low road surface temperatures, road conditions, snowfall, freezing rain, but also high wind gusts and large amounts of precipitation to support road managers throughout the year.

Location details
Location details in tables and graphs display when hazards will occur per location including details like forecasted precipitation / snow amount, precipitation probability and wind – available for the next 36 hours in hourly steps, as well as for the next 8 days.

A multi-layer map with RWIS (station) measurements and camera images, which can be combined with precipitation type radar, satellite images and weather maps.

Access the calendar to see past or most recent forecast issues.


Roadmaster mobile app screenshot     Roadmaster mobile app screenshot

These are just a few of the features the new RoadMaster mobile app offers. More capabilities will be added before the start of the winter season 2020-2021.

The new RoadMaster 2020 mobile app is available in Android and Apple stores.

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