What Are Some Startups Based in Agriculture?

In this day and age, startups (small, starting-out businesses that often rely on startup investments) are growing at a rapid rate around the world. With the sheer amount of diversity around the globe and seemingly limitless levels of creativity, entrepreneurs are consistently finding ways to change the status quo and stimulate advancement.

The continual expansion and development of groundbreaking technology has driven an increase in startups in a variety of industries. Agricultural startups are also benefiting from these technological advancements.

Of course, food production and distribution are essential for life, so it comes as no surprise that agriculture is one of the world’s largest and oldest industries. And considering the world’s population – and that population’s need for food – which is growing, the opportunities for new Agribusinesses continue to grow as well.

Keep reading to learn about some different types of startups based in agriculture around the world and what is driving their success. You will also learn how MyDTN services empower Agribusinesses to stay informed and ahead of the competition.

Tractor in Field

Agriculture supply chain solutions

Today’s farmers rely on various types of farm machinery to do their job efficiently. Still, they can struggle to gain access to new technology and products, especially in expanding economies.

India is one of the world’s fastest-growing economies and is a huge market for farming, with the second-largest space of arable land in the world. With an innovative startup, Khetigaadi, buying, selling, and renting tractors and other farm machinery has become easier. This agricultural startup hopes to close the gap between farmers and the products available to help them optimize their yield.

Sometimes, it isn’t a lack of machinery that is the problem, but the lack of workers. In Australia, there is a challenge in finding quality labor to work the farms. Agdraft has developed an online platform to source skilled workers for those rural Australian farms.

Moving further along in the supply chain, Ninjacart is another agricultural startup helping innovate the Ag industry in India. Ninjacart promises to move fresh produce from farm to store in less than 14 hours. This expediency helps reduce waste in the supply chain while connecting farmers producing fruits and vegetables with restaurants and retailers across India.

Another startup looking for ways to reduce food waste in agriculture is the UK-based COGZ. There is a strong emphasis on looks in the food industry. So, sadly, many ugly, misshapen, or overripe fruits and vegetables may never make their way from the farm to the consumer.

Some estimates even state that nearly half of cultivated fruit and vegetables go to waste. COGZ matches farmers with food and drink manufacturers and processors who can use these surplus foods.

Farmers with drone in soybean field

Tech-based agricultural startups

Technology is not only the way of the future; it is the now. As such, it is changing the world and many aspects of our life.

Nowadays, there are few people or industries who don’t depend on or benefit from advances in technology. It has changed how we carry out our work – from the simplest tasks to the most complex processes. As technology continues to revolutionize businesses everywhere, today’s farmers are also proving able to harness digital advancements to increase their productivity.

An invention that has proved useful in various applications — drones — is also increasingly useful for farmers. Wingtra is a Swiss startup providing VTOL drones for use with mapping, surveying, and precision agriculture.

Farmers are able to use drone technology to identify variability, detect disease and stress, and create treatment plans for their crops. Drone usage allows farmers to survey their crops much more efficiently than can be done on the ground. It also enables them to identify and fix potential issues earlier than was possible before.

Is the future of farming indoors? Plenty Unlimited, Inc. certainly seems to think so. Located in San Francisco, Plenty is an indoor, vertical farm that promises to increase food production by 350 times using artificial intelligence and robots.

By digitizing its approach to farming and using artificial intelligence, this startup increases yields while using 99% less land and 95% less water. They do this by carefully monitoring water usage, light, and temperature. Talk about efficient farming!

Livestock farming poses its own set of unique challenges as well. Vence Corp provides farmers with insights on the health and well-being of their animals, right from their smartphones. By keeping tabs on their livestock, farmers are able to respond to issues faster and make effective decisions based on real-time information.

Masked food delivery

Delivery services startups

As we all have experienced, the unexpected arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020 changed how businesses functioned. It changed how supply chains operated across industries, and the agricultural sector was no exception. A global lockdown led to the increased growth and reliance on ordering platforms that were already on the rise before the pandemic began.

Expanding beyond the production of agricultural products, Agrifoodtech business-to-consumer startups, focusing on the point-of-sale to the customer, are flourishing. These startups include companies such as Instacart, offering grocery delivery, and DoorDash, a restaurant delivery service.


Successful Agribusinesses rely on accurate insights

It is clear that the opportunities for advancement within the agricultural industry are on the rise. As global food demand increases, agribusinesses will continue to be as important as ever before. As an agribusiness, you rely on actionable insights and market information to have the edge over competitors.

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