Why DTN?

Our expertise in agriculture runs deep. From day one, DTN has supported farmers and agribusinesses, delivering news, market updates, and weather intelligence quickly and accurately. Today, we have added to our agricultural intelligence data. We bring a level of innovation and decision-making support that helps farms and agribusinesses of all sizes grow and be more profitable. We match our agronomic, weather, grain marketing, ag policy, and farm-level expertise with innovative technology. This technology ensures our customers can access our intelligence no matter where they are.

Our newsroom is the most awarded in agriculture; breaking the news that’s most important to you before anyone else. When changes are happening in Washington, our team is covering it so you aren’t left behind.

We have the most comprehensive set of hourly grain price data in the world, collected from more than 4,500 elevators throughout the United States, ensuring you can make the right moves at the right time.

Our data and insights are relied on by more than 50,000 farmers and their trusted agribusiness partners throughout the U.S., ensuring that you are operating within a connected network of the world’s best farmers and ranchers.

Agriculture Intelligence for Your Operations

Stay informed and up-to-date
Whether it’s happening in Washington or on the farm, we’re covering the latest in agriculture. Our award-winning journalists and market analysts work around the clock, reporting on what matters to your operation. Tune in daily to hear the most up-to-date news, weather and market information. Subscribe for even more proprietary information to take your operation to the next level.

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Make informed grain marketing decisions
There are many theories and opinions about how to best look at commodities markets. Our Six Factors Market Strategies break down the best strategies to help busy farmers and businesses make the most of their companies. Our Six Factors approach brings together elements of value, fundamentals, seasonal influences, and technical analysis so that you can have the best view and understanding of the ever-changing commodity market.

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Get hyper-local weather information
At DTN, we pride ourselves on providing the most critical operational intelligence available. Few things can disrupt your operations more than the weather. That’s why we provide our agribusiness and producer customers access to our weather data network that features more than 26,000 weather observation points. This level of coverage means you have the most hyper-local view on what’s happening right now –as well as in the future – so you can plan your next move.

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Stay connected to your partners and customers
Data is extremely useful in so many ways. It helps you understand more about your operations as well as the world around you. It helps you understand more about your own operations as well as the world around you. However, when data isn’t connected or pieces are missing, it can leave gaps in your picture of your business. We connect trusted partners and customers to provide a comprehensive view of your operations so you can make the right decision at the right time for your bottom line. Our data and insights are available to leverage together as you work across the supply chain to improve your business outcomes.

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How we Delight our Customers

Erich Eller

“I do business with DTN because I can see a positive return on my investment. It helps me get into the right fields and scout the right insects. It helps me find the right weather insights and determine the right time to strike.” — Erich Eller

Marlan Johnson

“The very first thing I do — sometimes before I even get out of bed — is I’ll grab my phone and look at the weather outlook because it helps me plan my day.” — Marlan Johnson

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WASDE Monthly Webinars
Join our lead analyst to break down the WASDE report each and every month. Todd Hultman brings you unbiased insights to help you make sense of the data and make smart moves.

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Ag Tradeshows and Meetings
Our team of analysts and ag experts attend many of the same farm shows you do. Stop by at Husker Harvest, Farm Progress, Commodity Classic or your favorite show to hear our latest insights on the industry.

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DTN Ag Content experts help form the most awarded newsroom in the business.
Check out our Ag articles, which cover topics from ag basics to insights on complex issues affecting agriculture today.

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