Why DTN?

When you rely on operational intelligence from DTN for your downstream energy operations, you can be confident that you are working with industry experts. We are dedicated to providing you the information you need to improve your refined fuels operations. Whether you are digitalizing operations to connect with your partners throughout your value chain or looking for the latest market prices and analysis, you can turn to us to support you. Our team understands market fluctuations and how they can impact your operations and supply. We help break down the market information so you know precisely what’s happening, how it may impact your bottom line, and what decisions you need to make.

RefineryOur fuel-buying solutions for the downstream oil and gas market lead the industry. We deliver supplier pricing information in real-time for more than 800 unique products at more than 1,900 terminals in the United States and Canada.

Refinery pipelineWe support your fuel selling operations by keeping you apprised of critical market, pricing, and supply chain data. By doing this, you will know where your inventory stands at any moment and can capitalize on small changes that can translate into big bucks.

Truck driver refuelingOur refined fuels market data and intelligence work to support your fuel shipping and storing operations. We can help you price products accurately, create and efficient operation, dispense your refined fuels carefully, and manage your cash flow.

Smiling engineersWe leverage our specialized energy market expertise to bring you online training opportunities. We help to strengthen your skills or learn new strategies to improve your risk management programs.

Refined Fuels Expertise

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See The Market Clearly
At DTN, we manage 85 percent of the North American supply chain pricing and billing transactions every day. Our leadership in the industry gives you the tools you need not only to survive, but also to thrive. We deliver real-time updates on market conditions, pricing, and much more. With our operational intelligence, you can monitor the market and make profitable decisions at any time from anywhere.

Uplevel your buying operations

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Price Products With Confidence
As you sell fuel and work closely with your customers, we can help you gain efficiencies, spot opportunities, streamline operations, and automate processes. By helping you with this, we help improve your margins and boost your bottom line. We provide you access to critical market, pricing, and supply chain data, but we don’t stop there. We make sense of that data so you know where your terminal inventory stands at any moment and can capitalize on small changes that can mean big bucks.

Optimize your supply chain management


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Track Inventory And Capitalize On Opportunities
As the digital hub for downstream oil and gas companies, we help integrate reporting, bills of lading, and invoicing with your back-end systems and your customers’ interfaces. Operational intelligence from DTN helps you operate more efficiently by automating the processes of shipping and storing fuel. Our industry expertise ensures we look at every detail, from lifting control to terminal automation and more. By keeping track of these details, we ensure that you and your company will be equipped with the best decision-making tools on the market.

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Build Expertise In Oil And Gas Topics
Our team has energy industry experts leading the way, advocating for customers, and providing the analytics and intelligence you need. However, we believe in sharing that expertise – not just through our industry-leading solutions, but also through our on-demand training courses. Our hands-on, interactive, exciting programs set the standard in energy education.

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Advanced Analytics Yield Better Trading Decisions
Our innovation powers your confident decision making. Find new opportunities and maximize profits with comprehensive, proprietary spot, futures, and historical data, as well as robust trading tools. Accelerate your analysis and decision-making processes while unlocking daily pricing elasticity of demand like never before. This results in better decisions and more profitable trades for your company.

Identify Your Best Trading Opportunities


How we Delight our Customers

“We now receive almost all of our BOLs the same day that the loads were pulled and are able to get our customers billed within our preferred 24-hour window.” — Indigo Energy Partners

“Using the bulk and BOL tickets has aided in reconciliations and eliminated some manual bookings, which has reduced back-office costs.” — Lance Hingst, Motiva

“We were flying blind without DTN — it’s very important for us to know at a glance where crude oil, natural gas, and gasoline are trading.” — Nuevo Partners

“Since we started using DTN Fuel Buyer with its real-time data, we have been consistently coming in 2 to 3 cents under our competitors.” — Sapp Brothers Petroleum

Expert Analysis And Trends

EV charger for car
EV Sales Growth Faces Resource Headwinds
While EV sales in the U.S. doubled from 2020-2021, disruptions in the supply chain have caused shortages of critical components. Learn more about the immediate prospects of EV sales, and what that means for the downstream fuel industry.

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Become A Top Supplier
It’s like a bad dream: your customer dispatches trucks to your facility, only to find out there’s no product available at the rack. Just like that, the relationship can be damaged. In this white paper, we explore this unfortunate situation and provide insights into how you can build confidence with your customers through transparent supply and pricing communications.

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Tanker driving in the rain
How To Mitigate Weather Risks For Your Terminal
Your data-driven operational decisions are only as good as the data influencing them. In the past, demand data provided a fairly clear view of what’s happening in the market. However, in today’s world, there is a real need for real-time demand data so you are making the best decisions possible. Our experts dig into how COVID-19 and other global events in 2020 have highlighted how traditional approaches to demand data can impact your bottom line.

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Global events have the potential to impact oil and gas markets. Our experts provide real-time analysis of changing geopolitical and weather conditions and how they may impact your operations.

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