Why DTN?

We have been named the most accurate global weather provider, earning the trust of shipping companies worldwide. Our expert team of meteorologists knows what’s happening right now and what the future will bring. Our weather intelligence is backed by a proprietary marine forecasting engine that provides you the most up-to-date forecasts so you can adjust your operations, track new routes, and streamline your response. But, our forecasts are more than just reporting the weather – they deliver the critical weather intelligence you need to ensure your ships take the most efficient and safest routes possible. All while making sure you are able to confidently make decisions that reduce your risk and impact your bottom line.

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With DTN, you can route your ships away from inclement weather with access to the latest meteorological intelligence, supported by our expert team of master mariners and meteorologists.

Our precise, hyperlocal forecasts are made possible through top global and proprietary weather models, statistical techniques, and our staff of 180 meteorologists and 20,000+ weather stations worldwide.

Advance your digitalization journey and fuel your in-house resources with our expert operational intelligence by seamlessly integrating our shipping and performance APIs into your current technology stack.

Shipping Expertise to Serve You Better

Ship Routing Optimization
We know that optimizing your ships’ routes means you can save time, fuel, and money. It can also help you reduce CO2 emissions, as well as help keep your crews, ships, and cargo safe while at sea. You can rely upon DTN to provide you the best-in-class voyage — and data checking processes, routing solutions, analysis reports, and advanced operator tools – all to ensure you have the operational intelligence needed to make time-sensitive decisions.

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Meteorology + Shipping Expertise
No one knows shipping better than Master Mariners. That’s why we have our own staff of Master Mariners working at DTN for you and your operations. They know the intricacies of ship routing, while their colleagues in our global weather rooms understand the nuances of offshore and nautical forecasting. With our experts at hand, you can be confident that the information you get from DTN can be trusted when making even the toughest decisions for your business.

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Power your in-house tools with rich weather data
At DTN, we’re committed to providing trusted operational intelligence in ways that work for you. That’s why we constantly invest in people and technology that allow us to provide the shipping industry’s most innovative, user-friendly solutions. We also recognize that you’ve made your own investments in existing solutions and support them through our APIs, delivering our continuously quality-checked datasets — how and when you need them.

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How we Delight our Customers

We work with the world’s leading shipping and charter companies, such as Dorian LPG, TORM, Spliethoff and many others as they safely and economically plan routes covering millions of sea miles.


Expert Shipping Analysis and Trends

How Weather Data Helps Digitalization Efforts
You’ve seen it – digitalization in the shipping industry. But, as you’re working to upgrade and digitalize your operations, are you considering how weather data may help? Read our latest shipping research report to explore the market pressures ship owners and operators face and the impact of digitalization on their businesses. Also learn how weather data supports and adds to your digitalization strategy.

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Five Essentials of Weather Optimized Routing
Getting your ship or vessel from point A to point B, while managing costs, keeping fuel consumption down, and maintaining safety can challenge even the best laid plan. Luckily, weather optimized routing provides a solution and helps captains take the most efficient route while avoiding hazardous weather conditions. Our guide highlights the benefits for your operations.

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How to Save Fuel in Seakeeping
Seakeeping solutions, which combine enhanced weather routing and motion prediction technologies, can drive fuel savings of up to 1.5%. Find out how your organization can realize these savings with today’s leading innovations for shipping operations.

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Our long-range forecast team hosts webinars seasonally to ensure you are up-to-date on what’s coming in the next season and how it might impact your business.

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Our team of experts travel the world and see customers face-to-face, virtually, and in-person at trade shows and expos. Find out when your favorite DTN contact will be at a show near you.

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Our weather intelligence experts highlight how weather can impact business across industries and geographies. Learn more about how to prepare for and address adverse weather conditions.

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