Producing a yield is one thing – getting it to market, and making as much profit from it as possible, is another. There are so many factors and variables involved, so it’s essential to have the most current, accurate information possible to optimize your decision making and do it quickly.

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Gray Leaf Spot Animated Map
*Weekly progression as seen in 2017

New Enhancement: Crop Disease Insights

To help protect your yields and profits, MyDTN now provides county-level risk insights for four devastating crop diseases:

Gray Leaf Spot

Northern corn leaf blight.

Frogeye leaf spot.

Septoria brown spot.

You can monitor their progression throughout the season with current and forecast maps, plus regional impact reports from our editorial team.

You’ll know what to look for when scouting and be able to quickly treat outbreaks to limit damage and loss

MyDTN is the leading independent, trusted source of actionable insights and market information designed to meet the needs of producers: field-level forecasts, proprietary industry coverage from our award-winning newsroom, and more. It aggregates and consolidates key information for more efficient and effective buying, selling, and other decision making. It also enables you to conduct your business anytime, anywhere.

The best ag market data and analysis

Simply put, we are ag’s most trusted source of information and MyDTN delivers it all in one easy-to-use platform.

Stay on top of the industry with our award-winning editorial team’s proprietary news content and independent market commentary.

Make better operational decisions backed by the industry’s top-rated temperature and precipitation forecasts for 10 years running.

Spot trends and nearby opportunities with the industry’s largest database of local grain bids and prices.

Produce more by reducing weather-related risks and poorly-timed operations with accurate local observations and forecasting tools.

Minimize drift and inversion risks common with today’s chemicals by providing clear, color-coded inversion forecasts with DTN Spray Outlook

MyDTN takes marketing to the next level with our DTN Six Factors® Market Strategies, an unbiased advisory service for managing commodity and input price risks. It uses our proprietary methodology, which blends both technical and fundamental analysis best practices. The result is easy-to-follow, independent insights and pragmatic recommendations for futures and cash marketers alike. Users can discover rare marketing opportunities and lock in their best prices sooner, saving time and boosting profits.

Personalize MyDTN to your operations

MyDTN is designed so that time-critical, decision supporting insights are never out of reach. What’s more, you can customize its interface and filter the information to ensure you always see the content you need. Powerful alerts let you know when you have a favorable buying or selling opportunity, when the weather may impact your operations, or if a price fluctuation poses a risk to your bottom line. Optimized to work on tablets, smartphones, and other devices, MyDTN keeps you connected and agile anywhere, any time.

Watch your profits soar with MyDTN. Click here for a free trial, or here to learn more.

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