DTN Specialty Agronomic Insights

Spot and solve field-level problems before they grow.

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Leverage multiple data points to obtain comprehensive phenological insights about pests, disease, and weather challenges. Protect your investments and boost your yield.


A proprietary suite of tools and field-level data takes precision agriculture to the next level.

With DTN Specialty Agronomic Insights you’ll not only know the precise weather conditions for your fields at a given moment in time, but you will also be able to predict what is headed your way. Adapt your spray applications, anticipate your growth cycles, and forecast your yield. The DTN network analyzes complex phenological insights across multiple regions and the impact on global markets.

Specialty Agronomic Insights from DTN includes:

  • Calculators – Determine chill hours and degree days for your specific fields.
  • Customized Alerts – Set thresholds for particular levels of moisture, temperature, or pests and receive messages via email or mobile app.
  • Predictive Models – Dynamic Phenology ™ from DTN takes field-level data and applies sophisticated algorithms to help you assess the threats and know when to take action.
  • Satellite Imagery – DTN sentinel satellite images give you an overview of data to contextualize your field.
  • Multiple Formats – Color, NIR, and NDVI images delivered throughout the season.
  • Mobile Integration – Field-level data comes to you wherever you are on your mobile devices.
  • Network – Be a part of the largest weather and agronomic data network in North America.


Stay ahead of the risks and the competition with comprehensive, field-level data and industry-leading models.

  • Anticipate pest development by monitoring pest counts and biological cycles.
  • Optimize your sprays for greatest impact; not too soon and not too late.
  • Avoid wasteful chemical applications by timing with weather forecasts and crop growth cycles.
  • Improve your scouting data with information beyond naked-eye level.
  • Save your crops by advance knowledge of conditions.
  • Analyze your field-level data with sophisticated predictive models to determine potential impact.
  • Increase knowledge of your fields for better short and long-term planning.
  • Proactively monitor plant health and development.
  • Mitigate risks related to weather, soil conditions, and insects.
  • Plan ahead for resource allocation by knowing more precise harvest windows.
  • Get ahead of situations before they can negatively impact your crops, yield, and profit.
  • Combine your field-level data with phenological trends to see the impact at your sites.
  • Position yourself and your yield both regionally and globally.

Visually inspecting fields for pests, new growth, and soil conditions only provide surface-level data, in addition to travel time to specific fields. Relying on generic weather forecasts only provides basic climate and precipitation data.

Take the guesswork and the legwork out of data recording and step up to sophisticated agricultural information and analysis with the automated and in-depth data of DTN Specialty Agronomic Insights.

Bring the power of information and advantages of advanced analysis and predictive tools to your decision-making. Take control of your planning and operations with DTN Specialty Agronomic Insights.

Request a trial of DTN Specialty Agronomic Insights today and see what you’ve been missing.

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